What’s In My Hospital Bag

What I'm Packing In My Hospital Bag | Daily Craving Blog | Houston Blog

I am officially 36 weeks this week and my hospital bag is finally packed and ready to go! Really hoping we have no more than 3 weeks to go cause mama is so ready to push this baby out!

As of recent I have seen the most EXTRA and elaborate hospital bag checklists.  And let me just start off by saying that you DO NOT need all the extra things like a full bag of makeup, a curling iron, a fan, a polaroid camera etc. Chances are you’ll be too distraught by a combination of emotions, pain and exhaustion to even remember to use it all. So unless you have some sort of super power or just cannot do without full glam, you can leave all that at home. I tried to keep my list very minimal and pack only what I really think I’ll need. Last thing I want is a ton of stuff to carry in and out of the hospital.

What I’m Packing In My Hospital Bag

A simplified list of what to pack in your hospital bag | Daily Craving | Houston Blog

For Mom

  • Toiletries – toothpaste + toothbrush (don’t forget to pack one for hubby too), lotion, hair brush, hair ties and chapstick.
  • Nursing Bras – I am packing two. Found these from Target and love them! They are comfortable, supportive & snap in the back rather than having to put it over your head.
  • Gowns, robes or pj’s – I’m bringing this waffle robe and this super soft gown I shared on my June Amazon Favorites post. Both are super comfy, affordable and nursing friendly. These are both for after baby, I have no problem wearing the delivery gown the hospital provides.
  • Slippers, shower shoes & socks – I am planning to arrive at the hospital wearing my slippers. This way I don’t have to pack them. I’ll also pack my Melissa slides to use in the shower cause eww I just can’t get in their shower barefoot. And of course socks to keep my feet warm. I’m bringing non-skid socks.
  • Postpartum Care – The hospital will provide everything you need for postpartum after care but you already know Erick insisted I bring my own just in case. I’m packing these depends (not glamours at all but beats the mesh underwear the hospital gives you). Extra cotton underwear (x2). No pads cause the hospital will provide those. Nipple cream, Mustela breastfeeding Gel Pads, nursing pads.
  • Comfort – My own pillow and blanket. If there’s one thing I dislike is the uncomfortable bed and pillows in hospitals. They just won’t do. Plus the familiarity of my own eases my anxiety. Makes me feel like I’m home.
What to pack in your hospital bag | Daly Craving Blog | Houston Lifestyle

For Baby

  • Going Home Outfit
  • Two Muslin Swaddles
  • A couple onesies & socks
  • Car seat Cover
  • Car Seat ( already installed in car)
  • Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow

For Dad

  • Neck Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Hoodie
  • Advil (he tends to get headaches in stressful situations due to thyroid issues)
  • Toothpaste & toothbrush

Miscellaneous for Both Mom & Dad

  • Snacks- Because of COVID Erick will not be allowed out the room/hospital once we’re checked in. So we’re packing a few dry snacks + water & canned coffee for Erick.
  • Phone Chargers
  • My Essential Oils. Lavender & Stress Relief. Definitely not bringing the diffuser, y’all chill out!
  • My mini speaker to play my worship music during the difficult phase of labor & delivery.

For Nurses

• We will skip on the basket full of goodies and instead get a card & gift cards for our nurses!

Am I missing anything? Hopefully I’m not. But at the end of the day, all that matters is delivering a healthy baby girl and soaking in every little moment at the hospital just the three of us.

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