Eye Care + Valentino Rockstuds

Valentino Rockstud glasses

ailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3407ailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3423The past 4 moths have been very busy for Daily Craving and although I love it and can’t complain, my eyes have been taking a beating from staring at both my computer screen and phone for hours in a row.

Now more than ever I try to stay up to date with my eye care and yearly check-ups. This year I stopped in at Pro-Optix Eye Care, a gorgeous boutique-like eye care clinic in the Galleria area owned and operated by sister duo Sana & Sairah Malik.

All photos by Ailee Petrovicailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3413ailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3436ailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3428I loved how Dr. Sairah took her time explaining everything & answered all my questions regarding Lasik options, cataract risks and even introduced me to “BluTech Lenses”.

With the surge in electronic devices, our eyes are being exposed to increasing levels of harmful light spectrums on a daily basis. These BluTech Lenses protect the eyes from the dangers of high levels of UV rays and harmful, high-energy blue light from our electronic devices. She explained how the exposure to these blue lights, can increase our chances of having cataracts at an early age. That’s definitely not something I’m willing to risk!

Plus anyone can wear these lenses, even if you don’t already wear glasses. I’m for sure getting a pair for Mason & getting Evan a new prescription with BluTech Lenses.

Trying on different frames is almost as fun as trying on clothes, haha! With the help of both Dr. Sana & Dr. Sairah, I narrowed down my options to five super cute frames including some Ray-Bans, Fendi, Gucci (above) and a pair a fab Valentino’s that match the ever so famous Valentino Rockstuds ! That’s right ladies, a frame that matches your rockstuds!!
ailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3497ailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3467ailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3400ailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3490Although I wanted to stick to something similar to my current big frame Ray-Bans, I just couldn’t say no to the Valentino’s (above↑). They are seriously so chic and yes, they have the signature studs! Plus they are versatile enough to go with pretty much any outfit I wear. But most importantly, they fit the shape of my face, which I think is imperative when choosing a new frame. Not just for the sake of looking great & stylish, but also to ensure that you will not be tugging and adjusting all day.

ailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3508ailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3502All 5 options…Fendi, Ray-Ban, Gucci & Valentinoailee_petrovic_160919_l86a3504 After a few frame adjustments and measurements on my face, we were done. I was in and out the office within the hour which was great since Mason was there with me.

If you’re in the Houston and surrounding areas & haven’t found the right eye care clinic or just haven’t been to one, I highly recommend Pro-Optix. The doctors are great & the frame selection is insane! Be sure to visit their website at www.prooptixeyecare.com for more info and clinic locations. Tell them Lilly from Daily Craving sent ya;)


*Thank you to Pro-Optix Eye Care for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Happy Wednesday & thank you for stopping by!


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