Trendy Slang Words That Are Giving Me Major Eye Roll.

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Nothing makes a girl feel older than these trendy slang words all over social media. They have somehow acquired a new meaning from what I’ve known them to mean my entire life lol. Words like EXTRA (my personal favorite) LIT & WOKE are now commonly used adjectivesHonestly I don’t know what half of these mean and I now understand why my parents use to roll their eyes when my siblings & I would say things like “thats’ s tight” “talk to the hand” & “the bomb” 🙂

Ya’ll the slang is real and some of it really needs to stop! I can’t tell you how eye roll worthy I find it when people say “STARBS” instead of Starbucks, “SWIMMY” instead of swimsuit, “V cute” instead of very cute or ‘SUS” instead of suspicious.. First of all, SWIMMY?? Really guys? That sounds like a made up word I would’ve taught my one year old because he couldn’t quite say swimsuit.  *Shrugs*. The fact that we can no longer just spell out a complete word is beyond me. Maybe I’m just being “SALTY” (pun intended) or maybe at 31 I can no longer relate to what 25 year olds are speaking. Do I no longer speak the young people language. Have I entered uncool mom territory?!

 Erick and I stay on joke mode 100% of the time and go through our day using this nonsense slang and laughing at one another for being so EXTRA 😉 The boys get so embarrassed and annoyed and Mason often says things like “OMG dad, could you just stop it with the extraness *insert eye roll* Haha, I love it.

I seriously doubt that Erick & I are the only two people in the world that feel this way. Like are we the only crazy couple that does this? Probably not.  Do any of you guys relate? Are you equally annoyed by it or do you full on embrace it?

I say all this with a sense of humor too guys. Please know that this is not meant to offed anyone. Hope you had a good laugh & happy Friday,

Xx, Lilly