Trends For Less: Loafer Mules Under $30

Trends For Less: Loafer Mules Under $30

(Updated 10/19/17) As promised (I know it took me forever) here is my first post for my new Trends for Less series. Today I am talking about one of the hottest shoe trends right now, the Loafer Mule. I’m sure you’ve seem the Gucci version ALLLL over the internet and while they are incredibly stylish and cute, they aren’t exactly affordable. There’s even “more affordable” versions like these & these but even then, prices like these might not be ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend big bucks on trends that will quickly disappear. No worries girls, I’ve got ya! Here are some super cute loafer mules all under $30! You’re welcome;)

  • The stud detail on these is super cute & perfect if you want more of an edgy feel- $28
  • Nude with a chic faux fur detail, perfect for fall and winter! – $25
  • I love the floral patch detail on these. Adds a little pop of color! – $35
  • I’m wearing these and let me tell you, you need them in your life! Great quality, comfort and price.
  • And for the gal who’s a bit more daring…these metallic glitter ones are pretty rad! They come in silver and rose gold-$28

Let me know how you liked this post, and if you love it, what other product would you like me to share more affordable versions of?


Xx, Lilly♥

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