This Is The Puffer Jacket You Need

Style blogger Lilly Beltran wearing an Everlane puffer jacket.

Remember a few weeks back when I polled you on stories about whether I should get the velvet or faux leather puffer jacket? Well, there’s two reasons why I am glad I didn’t. 1) It seems like everyone and their mama has it! And you know what I always say; same is boring. 2) It gave me time to browse the internet and find this gem!

Don’t get me wrong , the other two are so pretty but I think in terms of functionality, quality, value and it never going out of style, the Everlane Down Puffer Jacket is a no brainer.

The warmest puffer jacket I’ve worn

This jacket is seriously so warm. Put it on for just two minutes and you’ll agree with me. The warmth doesn’t come with the ever so annoying thickness and heaviness we’re used to seeing in puffer jackets either. This baby is super light and not overwhelmingly suffocating at all. It is so light that I can actually fold it up into a bag without a problem. I also love that I don’t look like a bloated marshmallow in it, lol.

Blogger Lilly Beltran wearing black combat boots and white puffer jacket.
Style blogger Lilly Beltran of Daily Craving blog wearing a white puffer jacket from Everlane

In terms of quality and craftsmanship I say this is a solid 10. I know it’s a jacket that will be in my closet for years to come. Totally worth the investment if you ask me. Plus have I mentioned that Everlane is an Ethically made brand? Another reason why I love them. If you’re interested, you can read more about that in this post.

All in all, this is the puffer of my dreams. Warm, light, timeless & minimal. If you want to jump on the puffer jacket trend without looking “too” trendy, this is the puffer jacket for you girl!

Couldn’t end this post without shouting out these cool combat boots! Super affordable at under $40 and so darn edgy! And if you were wondering how to wear one of these warm puffs, I think pairing it with combat boots is a great way to style it!

Everlane Jacket | Coated Pants | Combat Boots | Cashmere Sweater

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