Surprise! We’re Pregnant!

 I can’t even believe I am typing the words  “we’re pregnant”. It’s been exactly a month since we found out and it still feels surreal.

Surprise! We're pregnant! | Lifestyle blogger Lilly Beltran announces her pregnancy.

It’s always been the boys and us. Just the four of us. The four musketeers like Mason calls us. Adding another little person to this party of four feels very exciting yet very foreign at the same time. Foreign because it’s been literally a decade since we had babies. I was 23 when I was pregnant with Mason and now 33 with this new babe. Because we’re so used to life being “easy” with our big boys. We’re so used to the freedom we have to go on date nights, sleep in etc. At this point in life our kids are, I’d say 90%,  self sufficient and the thought of having to start from scratch with a tiny new human is kinda scary.

I found out on December 6 2019, exactly 4 weeks in. This wasn’t much of a surprise since I knew I had messed up my ovulation day by two days. We knew the possibility was there so Erick & I prayed over it and asked God that if this was His will, that we’d welcome our little babe with open arms. And so here we are. Not one second early, not one second late. Fully loving this blessing God has sent us.

Surprise! We're Pregnant!

All About My Pregnancy

How Far Along Am I?

As of today, January 1st 2020, I am 7 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I make 2 complete months this Friday and couldn’t be happier to be closer to the end of this challenging 1st trimester. Also very excited to see a bump pop out so this feels more real lol. At this point my belly is still as flat as a pancake and judging by my last two pregnancies, we probably won’t see a true bump till maybe mid February which seems so far away!

First Trimester Symptoms

Speaking of a challenging first trimester…Symptoms for me started in the beginning of week 5. Extreme lethargy hit me hard. Finding the will or energy to do just about anything is really hard. Hence the absence on here & Instagram. Getting ready for a shoot is an impossible task at this point. I have been sleeping like a hibernating bear! Waves of mild nausea are present 24/7, well except when I’m asleep. Some days are better than others but it’s definitely uncomfortable. The positive thing is that I am not vomiting and it doesn’t really interfere with my appetite, so grateful for that!

Some random food aversions and cravings here and there but nothing reoccurring. The weirdest thing I have is with water. I cannot have too much water because the taste is suddenly so distinct and makes me gag so badly! Ugh so gross just thinking about it. I have to sip it extra ice cold and with a straw or with a slice of lemon in it. Otherwise its a no-go.

Obviously also dealing with frequent urination and super sore tender breast. Other than that, everything is fine. So grateful that my spirits are up and I’m not experiencing emotional lows like I did with Mason’s pregnancy. God is good y’all!

Due Date

Our precious little bundle is due this summer, August 14, 2020! Funny thing about this is I’ve always disliked the month of August. August of 1998 is when my anxiety attacks started so I always associated August with anxiety. August is also the only month with nothing fun to look forward to in terms of holidays or special celebrations + it’s the month school starts! Nobody likes that lol! I guess God wanted to give me a good reason to love August πŸ˜‰

How Did Erick React?

This was for sure not the reaction I was expecting. Erick’s uncle passed away from a battle with cancer the same day I found out we were pregnant. I had no idea and had waited all day for Erick to come home to tell him the news in person. He came home super down about his uncles passing and it probably wasn’t the right time to break down the news but I had already spent an entire day keeping the secret and I count possibly wait any longer. He showed excitement but I could see it masked by the sadness of his uncles passing. He apologized and reassured me that he was very happy and excited but that in that moment he had lots of mixed emotions. Needless to say we celebrated and took it all in in the days that followed.

How Did The Boys React?

This was interesting.  I told the boys about my being pregnant the same day I found out. Waited till they came home from school and very gently broke down the news. Mason was thrilled and immediately went in for a hug. He said ” Yes! I am finally going to be a big brother!!” His reaction made me so happy.

Evan on the other hand broke down crying. He had always expressed how a second sibling wasn’t something he wanted, so when I told him, his emotions were all over the place. I had to get Mason out the room and have a talk with Ev. Long story short, I think his main concern was and is my well being. He’s such a protector and his first thought after receiving the news was “Are you going to be ok?” I think that combined with all the puberty hormones being all over the place is what made him react the way he did.

We saw the doctor earlier this week and we got to see the baby. Evan was overcome with emotion and cried seeing our little gummy bear in there. I think it’s safe to say he’s in love now πŸ˜‰

These last few weeks have been challenging for sure but I am so grateful to be welcoming a new addition to our family. I’ve dreamt of this baby for so long! Life is about to get much much sweeter πŸ˜‰ Cannot wait to share this journey with you!


  1. Gladis
    January 2, 2020 / 12:01 pm

    Awwwww girl so happy for u and the family what a blessing from are God and yea this is a reason and gift God is given u to not fear on August and not remember the bad and to love all that he does are downs and ups and wow a Aug baby I wish u nothing but the best I have also learned to love February that’s w I lost my baby he will be turning 15 but I thanks god for the two blessings he has given me Yiu will be in my prayers lovely

    • January 2, 2020 / 12:35 pm

      Thanks love! Such a beautiful blessing. God has a way of showing us his grace and glory in such unexpected ways. And so sorry to hear about your baby. I had no idea.

      Xx, Lilly

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