Your Guide To Perfect Effortless Style

Fashion blogger Lilly Beltran styles a denim skirt with a white t-shirt, white sneakers and a neck bandana for an effortless look

Perfect Effortless Style | Denim skirt, white tee & white sneakersHouston based fashion blogger Lilly Beltran shares her tips for achieving perfect effortless style5 tips to achieving perfect effortless style | Denim skirt paired with a white tee & neck bandanaHow to achieve perfect effortless styleTee & Skirt c/o Tobi | Sneakers c/o Feiyue | Fossil Bag c/o | Madewell Scarf, love this one

One comment I always get from you guys is how effortless my style is. Truth is it isn’t as effortless as it looks. I spend a good amount of time deciding what I want to wear. But, the casualness is something I almost always go for. I like to be 100% comfortable and confident in everything I wear, so that’s exactly where I start when putting my looks together. For me effortless style is all about being practical, comfortable and dressing for my lifestyle, which more than 90% of the time is #MomLife.

Here’s a few key things to keep in mind when trying to achieve perfect effortless style or the perfect effortless look.

• Always start with pieces that make you feel your most confident – For me that’s usually a denim skirt or high-waisted wide leg pants. You just cannot achieve perfect effortless style if you’re not comfortable.

• Keep it minimal – Part of a look being “casual” is also it being “minimal”. Does that make sense? You can’t wear a pair of jeans with a white tee then pair it with show stopping heels, a leather jacket and red lipstick. That would just make it edgy vs effortless.

•Go for classic items – Denim, denim & denim! Plus white tees, a great fitting blazer, a button up shirt. A pair of sneakers, sandals or your favorite comfortable shoe. Try to stay away from too trendy pieces.

• Don’t be too neat – For effortless style you have to achieve that element of being “undone”. Roll up your sleeves on a button up shirt. Tie a knot on your tee or do a half tuck. Roll up the hem on your jeans, you get the point.

• Add personality – If you’re into designer pieces, add your favorite designer bag to complete your looks and make it your own. I usually add a neck scarf, my round Ray-Ban specs or a hat.


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Xx, Lilly