Oversized Sweater & Leggings

Topshop graphic oversized sweater and leggings

Sweater | Leggings | Bag | Shoes | Similar Hat

I love a good ol’ oversized sweater and leggings look. Not only is it super easy to throw on but it is SO comfortable! I wore this to our Beltran Christmas yesterday because I just didn’t feel like dressing up, but it turned out so cute I actually did feel dressed up haha!

Check out the lady bug on my bag! It stayed on almost throughout the entire shoot and I thought it was the cutest.

Also, keeping this short and sweet because my brain is still recuperating from the Christmas Holiday and I legit cannot focus for longer than like five minutes.

Lilly Beltran of Daily Craving blog wearing an oversized sweater with leggings and backless mules.

Totally random question, do you wear a shirt under a sweater? My mom was scolding me for not doing so. She said no one in their right mind wears a sweater without a shirt under, especially n oversized sweater. WHAT? Haha! You guys agree? I guess I never really thought about it but why would I wear a shirt under my sweater? Unless its see through or something. IDK.

Houston fashion blogger Lilly Beltran of Daily Craving wearing a Topshop oversized sweater with leggings and a newsboy hat.
Oversized sweater and leggings outfit

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