My Top 5 Summer Skincare Routine Tips With No.7

You guys have heard me say this time and time again, I am all about skincare. I didn’t always care about my skin, in fact my 20’s where years of DON’T’S. I never wore sunblock (good grief what was I thinking) slept with my makeup on regularly and almost never moisturized. Ahh it still haunts me to this day and I only wish I would’ve started taking care of my skin sooner. Now that I have entered my 30’s and am more aware and educated on the risks of sun exposure; premature wrinkles, dark spots and even melanoma, it is imperative that I have a good skincare routine and great products for it too.

I love trying new skincare products and will spend on them over makeup any day. You see my believe is that if you have great skin, there’s no need for too much makeup. Don’t get me wrong though, I love makeup as much as the next girl but I hate putting it on! So for me having healthy, glowing beautiful skin that doesn’t need too much makeup is totally my life goal these days.
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My Top 5 Summer Skincare Routine Tips…

  1. Wear Sunblock: A face cream with SPF is the most important part of anyone’s summer skincare routine. Sun can cause so much damage to the skin, especially our face. UV radiation alters the actual DNA of your skin cells causing lines, wrinkles, discoloration and even cancer. That my friends, is a no-no in my book! I have been lathering in No.7’s Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream with SPF 30. I wear it under my makeup and under my moisturizer on days when I don’t wear makeup.
  2. Always remove your makeup before bed: Gosh I broke this rule for so long but now you will NOT catch me going to bed without fully removing all of my makeup. I love my No.7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes. They are super gentle on the skin and wipe away even waterproof mascara. Not removing foundation can clog up your pores making the skin very prone to bacteria and breakouts. Plus that leftover reside can create a barrier that will prevent your moisturizer from penetrating your skin which will in turn cause dry skin. On a worst case scenario all that left over eye liner and mascara can potentially leave you with a nasty eye infection. No thanks!
  3. Exfoliate: Exfoliating is very very important during the summer time. Think about the makeup you wear, the sweat, the sunblock residue, the environmental yucks! These all stay in our pores even after removing our makeup or washing with a gentle cleanser. Exfoliate at least once a week for soft glowing  skin and clean breathable pores.
  4. Hydrate: Besides the obvious of drinking plenty of water, don’t skip the moisturizer just because you are already wearing sunblock. While some face creams with SPF can be enough, the can also be a little drying. Lathering extra moisturizer on top of your SPF cream is always a YES. Or you can opt for a moisturizing spaying mist. The No.7 Hydrating Mineral Water Spray stays in my bag and goes where I go. Did ya’ll see me spaying that on like crazy on my recent trip to Austin? I’m obsessed. It’s the best on a hot summer day.
  5. Use Night Cream: During the summer we obviously spend a lot of time in the sun, it’s almost inevitable. So at the end of the day after you’ve removed your makeup, cleansed and exfoliated, lather on some night cream. Night creams help renew the skin, helps with giving you an eve complexion and makes your skin soft and supple among many other benefits. Who doesn’t want to wake up to soft supple skin? I know I do! So ya’ll know I’m not skipping on my Protect & Perfect Night Cream.

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Let me know if you have any questions regarding my skincare routine or if you have any tips you want to share yourself.

Thank you for stopping by!

Xo, Lilly