My Three Favorite Coffee & Pastry Places In Houston

The best coffee & pastry places in Houston

I don’t rely on coffee to get me going, in fact most of the time I drink decaf because caffeine gives me the jitters. But I do love coffee dates with my boys. Coffee & pastry dates are our favorite because we get to enjoy a treat, talk about random things and sometimes even take walks around the city. We love finding new spots and revisiting old favorites. You can find us any given Friday Saturday or Sunday at any of these…

Tout Suite: Erick & I first discovered this place back in 2014 while on a date celebrating our 7th anniversary. The place was fairly new and I think we may have been the only people in there. It quickly became our favorite. We love the vibe [ although most days now you will find that it is a very very busy place] the people and the service. The variety of coffee & tea is abundant and all so yummy plus they also serve the best pastries and desserts. My personal favorite is the chocolate croissant. They also serve amazing fresh, organic and made from scratch food for breakfast lunch & dinner and have recently added vegan options to thier menu. You must try the lentil soup!

Tiny’s Milk & Cookies:If you’re in Houston then you must already know this place and if you don’t, get there soon! The have probably the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. They serve other pastries too including donuts, cinnamon rolls, scones etc. I die for their pumpkin loaf during the holidays. And the boys LOVE the mint lemonade. They also serve coffee, fresh juice and even ice cream. Plus the place is so cute you won’t want to leave without snapping a photo.

Sweet:Sweet is a sister coffee shop to Tout Suite. Located in City Centre,they are a smaller cafe and don’t serve food but they do serve all the yummy treats you would find at Tout Suite. Erick & I love the Iced Chai Latte while the boys love indulging in macaroons & cupcakes. 

There’s so many other great coffee & pastry places in Houston but these have remained our absolute favorite for a long time. If You’re ever in my city, make it a point to visit at least one of these. You’ll be in for a treat;)

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