Like Father Like Son + A Father’s Day Gift Idea

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Lifestyle blogger Daily Craving shares a sentimental Father's Day Gift Idea.

You know that saying “like father like son”? Well, for me it has always been “like Daughter, like Dad”. Growing up I always looked up to my dad. He was and still is my hero. Dad & I share such a special bond, we are seriously alike in so many ways. We can talk on the phone for hours about anything and everything. We just get each other. I remember being a kid and saying to myself ” I want to be just like dad when I grow up”.

Matching dad & me outfit ideas

Now that I have my own children, seeing them bond with Erick pulls at my heart strings. Cause how much more special can a father & son bond be , than that of a daughter & father? Makes sense? Evan & Mason are crazy for dad. They think he is the absolute smartest, funniest nicest guy. Each of our boys share a special bond with Erick and I love it.

Evan for example loves anything science and tech just like Erick. The two can have the nerdiest conversations about astronomy, physics & computers. It’s like a language only they speak and when they get to talking, I can see both of their faces light up. Makes me wonder what these conversations will turn to when Evan is a young man.

Mason and Erick are both such clowns. Totally a “like father, like son” situation. I love it when they play together. It’s like Erick becomes a child and just has the absolute best time with Mason. Chasing each other up and down the stairs. Shooting each other with nerf guns and laughing at each others corny jokes 😉

Texas Standard Youth Collection
Father's Day Gift Idea

This year for Father’s Day we wanted to do something a little more sentimental. Erick & I have never been the kind of parents that wear matching outfits with their kids. This year however, the boys thought it would be super cool to have matching polos with dad. They were both super excited to dress up like Erick for the day. It’s so cute to see how proud they are to look just like dad.

We picked up matching polos from Texas Standard, a Texas brand. Texas Standard just released their youth line for boys 5 and up just in time for Father’s Day. The collection includes their Standard Polo and the Standard Pocket Tee (both available in 3 colors). What could be sweeter than surprising dad with not only one classic polo for himself, but with two tiny versions for his two tiny guys;)

Texas Standard Like Father, Like Son youth collection.
A very special Like Father, Like Son Father's Day gift idea.

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