Leopard Print Skirt & Oversized Sweater

How to wear a leopard print skirt for fall.

OMG guys I got bangs! It was such an impulsive thing to do, but hey what can I say? If there’s one thing I know about my self is that if I get an idea stuck in my head, I am going to follow through no matter what anybody says. Erick was against it but ended up really liking it. The boys absolutely hated it. And me, well I was a little regretful. You guys were the sweetest on stories though and totally made my day with all of your sweet comments.

A fall outfit to wear for thanksgiving

This Is How You Can Pick The Right Leopard Print

I am loving all things leopard print for fall. Skirts, tops, pants, shoes etc. It’s literally everywhere! The one thing about leopard print though is that it can easily look cheap rather than chic. Ouch! Sorry girl but it’s true. My tip is to try to look for a print that is more on the beige side and not too yellow or too orange. My skirt for example has a light & dark beige with black combo happening. The three colors work in perfect harmony and are somewhat soft for such a busy print. Probably one of my favorite fall purchases so far.

My sweater is another favorite. It is slightly oversized with a high neck. Love this pattern it has going on. It’s one of those sweaters you don’t want to ever take of. It’s super cozy and looks so good with jeans as well.

Lilly Beltran wearing a leopard print skirt with an oversized sweater and black pumps.

I don’t think I can ever tire of a midi skirt and chunky sweater combo. Especially cute to wear in the fall when the air starts to cool off a bit. I am wearing it with black pumps here but this look is so versatile. It can be worn with ankle boots, sneakers and my new favorite; with knee high boots.

Lilly Beltran wearing an animal print skirt and oversized sweater.
Lilly Beltran of Daily Craving blog wearing a leopard print midi skirt

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