Lemon Jelly Rain Boots

Lemon Jelly Rain Boots

I have been wanting a pair of rain boots for I don’t know how long. I’m sure I am probably the only girl who didn’t own a pair lol. To be honest I am not a fan of Hunter rain boots. They are just not my style. And every single time I found a pair I actually loved, it was sold out in my size! Story if my life for sure.

Fashion blogger Lilly Beltran wearing Lemon Jelly Rain Boots with black skinny jeans and a knit cardigan for an effortless edgy rainy day outfit.

Lemon Jelly Shoes reached out to work together late last year. Ya’ll the minute I saw the Lemon Jelly rain boots selection I was like “yeah, we’re doing this”.

Lemon Jelly Shoes is a Portugal based shoe brand. they make the most unique and chic rain boots. So much attention to detail in every single pair and they are actually cute and fashionable to wear even when it’s not raining out!

I have been wearing mine so much since I got them. I don’t kid or exaggerate when I say these rain boots are so comfortable. They sort of feel like you’re walking on Jelly. No pun intended but they do haha. Plus y’all, the are lemon scented!! So fun!

Edgy rainy day outfit with Lemon Jelly Rain Boots.

I have gotten so many compliments on these in public. And who can blame them. I am sure we can all agree that these are super chic. Am I right? Plus they have this like edgy feel to them with the thicker rugged sole and stud like detail.

I love how they went perfectly with my new cardigan from Chicwish. All know I’ve been wearing their sweaters all winter and I love them.

Funny story about these pictures. We shot these on a day when it was incredibly cold and super windy. I kept having to jump up and down to keep my body heated! Erick’s hands were numb from the cold and I couldn’t feel any part of my face. The crazy things we do for the gram!

Chicwish chunky knit cardigan.

Cardigan | Jeans | Lemon Jelly Rain Boots Here | Top | Necklaces | Sunglasses

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