It’s Ok To Be Mom First

Lilly Beltran wearing a blue tie-dye sweatshirt with black denim shorts for a cool fall look.

Last week I had a very heart felt conversation with one of my very best friends. I was telling her how lost I sometimes feel with Daily Craving, being mom, wife, daughter etc. Running DC takes a lot of work and dedication and I mean A LOT! No need to go into details but I often feel super guilty for being the mom who’s always busy. It’s no secret that I love spending time with my boys. I AM that mom who is just obsessed with her children. I love hanging out with them because it invigorates me. It makes me happy. It’s my blissful place. And you know what? That’s ok!

Surely there’s gotta be some sort of balance for not just working moms but all moms. We have to be able to function  outside of being mom and not feel guilty about it. Im my case, I’ve gotta constantly remind myself that it is ok to submerge myself in my work. It is ok for me to use up my weekend to focus just on work sometimes. You know why? Because it makes me happy. Because it makes me feel accomplished & satisfied and it helps pay the bills.

Tie-dye sweatshirt and denim shorts

You Cannot Live JUST for your kids

These are all things that I always knew but somehow had buried them wayyy in the back of my head. They all resurfaced when my friend called out to me and said “Lilly, you CANNOT live JUST for your kids”. She’s 100% right and she made a lot of points. “One day they are going to grow up and you’ll realize you never did anything for YOU.” “They have to know that the world does not revolve around them.” But most importantly… “You’ve gotta teach them to go after their dreams, to not give up, and you can only do this by leading by example”. Ya’ll she spoke truth to me, she really did. But…

I still choose to be Mom First. Not only did she speak truth about it not being all about the kids but she also made my own truth become a lot more clear.- I do not and should not function at my kids command, but I can still be mom first. I can give myself permission to submerge myself in my work and be dang proud about it but still be Mom First. I can pursue my dreams without guilt trips, and still be mom first.


Tie0dye sweatshirt and black high waisted shorts

Because to me being Mom first is SO important. We only have one go around in life y’all, one chance to love these precious little souls as much as we can. One chance to create a bond in every season of their changing lives. One chance to set those strong foundations that will carry them through their hardest teen years and into adulthood. Life is short, tomorrow is not guaranteed so for today and the rest of my days I will be mom first. 

So here’s to following our dreams, working hard to make them a reality, taking care of ourselves, being the Boss girls we know we can be. Finding a bit of balance between it all. But still be mom first 😉


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Target tie-dye sweatshirt + Being mom first
Why I choose to be a mom first!

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