How To Wear Ripped Shorts When You’re In Your 30’s

I’ve been wearing ripped jean shorts, or denim cutoffs, for half of my life. They are definitely a classic staple and tend to only change in lengths and rises. So glad the longer lengths are cool right now, otherwise idk if I’d be able to pull them off.

Fashion blogger Lilly Beltran in a classic casual summer outfit.

Cutoffs can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re not used to wearing them. But, I feel like anyone can pull them off. You just have to be very careful with fit, distress level, length & rise.

You don’t want something so tight it cuts circulation on your legs or makes your belly hurt when you breathe. If you have to keep tugging at them, they’re probably too short. And if they’re giving you muffin top, you’d probably want to stay away from low rises and go for a high rise instead.

Make sure these four elements are met and the rest is just finding new cute ways to style them.

Fashion blogger Lilly Beltran styles Abercrombie denim shorts with J.Crew sandals and round wicker bag.

How to Wear Ripped Shorts

Ripped Shorts with a White Shirt – This is probably my favorite way to wear ripped jean shorts. Aside from being classic and chic, the long sleeve collard shirt creates a good balance of exposed skin. Plus it’s such and easy cute look.

Ripped Shorts with a T-shirt – This is so simple but can be very cute as well. I love me a good graphic tee but an all white or black would be so chic as well. Add belt and cute bag!

Ripped Shorts with a Blazer – I absolutely love a denim shorts and blazer look! Wear a cami under your blazer and finish off with loafers like these.

Ripped Shorts with a Sweater – This is my favorite for a chilly day or for a day at the beach. You want a lightweight sweater of course. Add loafers or sneakers for a casual vibe.

You can see more ways to style them here, here and here.

Lilly Beltran in a classic summer look with denim cutoffs, white button up shirt and round wicker bag.
Outfit Details: Shirt | Shorts | Sandals | Sunglasses | Bag

Fashion blogger Lilly Beltran wearing Abercrombie denim shorts & white button up shirt for a classic summer outfit.

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