How Probiotics And Prebiotics Changed My Gut Health & Quality Of Life

Lilly Beltran shares how probiotics and prebiotics changed her life.

How much do you know about probiotics and prebiotics? To be honest, till just recently, I didn’t even know what a prebiotic was. I had heard about probiotics and how good they are for a healthy gut but I never knew why.

Before I jump in and tell you about how life changing taking pre & probiotics has been for me, let me give you a quick lesson on what they are and why they’re so important. Let’s call this; Gut Health 101…

What Are Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Prebiotics are a special form of dietary fiber that acts as a fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut. They help your gut’s good bacteria produce nutrients for your colon cells which of course leads to a healthier digestive system. They also boost your immune system. Umm yes please!

Probiotics on the other hand are live bacteria that can be found in fermented foods like yogurt, kefir & pickles (yes, pickles!) amongst others. They may help prevent and treat a handful of illnesses. A healthy Digestive tract and strong immune system are what probiotics are most known for. I have read that they can also help with things such as reducing the severity of certain allergies, help keep your heart healthy, help reduce eczema and even help with weigh loss.

RMS Beauty Within Probiotic + Probiotic Dietary Supplement

Now that we know what pre & probiotics are, let me tell you how they literally changed my life.

Why I decided To Start Taking Probiotics & Prebiotics

I’ve had digestive issues for as long as I can remember. They started early in my teen years. Almost at the same time as my anxiety did. During the early years I attributed them to my unbalanced nervous system. But I noticed that even after my anxiety had been under control for years, my gut issues only seemed to get worse.

I did a diet of elimination in my mid 20’s and came to the conclusion that dairy was the cause of my constant bloating and for lack of better words, constant abdominal cramps and diarrhea. I have been dairy free for the last 7 years but just a little under a year ago I started experiencing the same digestive issues again.

It was getting to the point where I didn’t want to eat out in public in fear of having to run for a rest room right after. My abdomen and stomach were ALWAYS so bloated that even my jeans started to feel a bit snug. After doing a little research, I decided to start taking pre & probiotics and y’all, I wish I would’ve done this much much sooner!

My Gut Has Never Been Healthier

I picked up the RMS Within Probiotic + Prebiotic Dietary Supplement exactly a month ago and OMG I can finally live like a normal person! No longer do I feel uncomfortably bloated. My abdomen is flat again and I can fit my jeans again. Yay!! The constant restroom trips are no more and my bowel movements are as healthy as one can imagine. I don’t feel super gassy nor do I feel the constant need to belch or burp. Sorry if this is TMI guys but I feel like I have to be very transparent about this to truly express how much my quality of life has changed.

Although directions call for two capsules a day, I take only one. Usually after my breakfast or dinner. Up until now I’ve had zero side effects which is great. I don’t exaggerate the I say that I saw a change on day two. My bowel movements have been regulated and now I go at least once daily, whereas before I maybe was going once or twice a week and never really a healthy trip to the loo if you know what I mean.

I plan to continue taking these for as long as I feel necessary. They have worked wonders for me, but I do suggest you seek medical advice and do your own research before starting any new supplements.

Have any questions about gut health? Let me know in the comment section below.

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