Making Mom Life A Bit easier With Hive View Wireless Smart Camera

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Hive View Smart Wireless Indoor Camera

This year Evan turned 12. He is now old enough to stay home alone for short periods of time (not to exceed 4 hours) and watch after himself and his brother Mason. I will admit, it still makes me a little nervous but with me working a part time job and not having a sitter, it’s my only choice.

Here in the state of Texas it is recommended that a child be at least 12 years of age in order to be able to stay home alone + care for any siblings. But if I am being completely honest with you, I could never be comfortable wondering what and how they are doing while I am gone. We do live in a pretty safe neighborhood and I have a handful of amazing neighbors who do not mind popping in here and there to check on them. But still, I needed something else to give me peace of mind while I am gone.

We recently got the Hive View Indoor Home Security System. It has been a LIFE CHANGER! We named ours Harriet, like “Harriet the Spy” haha! Before I get into details on how the Hive View has changed our lives, let’s talk about it’s sleek design. I love how well it fits in with the rest of my decor. It is so aesthetically pleasing. My sister didn’t even notice it for two whole weeks. Comes in two color combinations and you know I had to go for the black one;)

The Hive View is a wireless smart indoor camera. It is so easy to set up + I can connect it to my phone, laptop or tablet through the Hive App. This way I can see what my kids are up to in real time with the “Live” camera option wherever I am. I can also go back and look at clips of anything I may have missed. My absolute favorite feature, is that I get to speak to the boys through the two way audio. They can hear me speak to them through Harriet and they can respond to me as well.

Hive View Camera Features

I also love that you can take the cube off of the base and move it to a different room. This is so convenient for when Evan is in the kitchen preparing or cooking lunch for him and his brother – Don’t worry guys, both boys have been taught kitchen and fire safety and can use a stove, safety knife, extinguisher etc.!- It is also convenient for times when they are upstairs in their room. No matter what room in the house they’re in, I can keep a close eye on them.

A few other cool features are the night vision + alerts straight to your phone when Hive View detects sounds, movement or people and the ability to create sounds for an alarm, barking dog or lullaby. How genius is this! Now you know I don’t have any babies, but a Hive View would be perfect for a nursery! Lullaby included;)

Lilly Beltran shares how the Hive View Wireless Camera has made her life as a working mom so much easier.

Having a Hive View in our home gives me such peace of mind while I am gone to work, errands and meetings where I can’t bring the kids with me. And there is no greater feeling than the peace that comes from not having to wonder how they are doing while I am gone and not feeling the need to rush home every single time I’m gone.

Keeping children safe at home with Hive View wireless camera

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