Why I Only Wear High Waisted Denim Shorts

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I’ve had trouble finding denim shorts that actually fit my entire adult life. I am 5’7 have very wide set hip bones, long lean legs and a long torso. Not exactly proportionate. High waisted bottoms have been my best friend lately because they create the illusion of a smaller waistline. Plus they make my hipbones appear a bit narrower, which I love. Anything low rise is a no no! Low rise anything will for sure give me a muffin top and who wants that??

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned to love my body and actually dress for it. Since I now know that high waisted bottoms are the way to go, I started shopping for high waisted denim shorts. High waisted denim shorts are the dream y’all! These Abercrombie ones are one of my favorite ( second to the Express Bermuda Shorts) pairs. They are obviously hight waisted, and  the lenght is also perfect. I actually wear them with confidence without having to worry about my butt check peeking out;) The best part is that they fit so nicely around the leg and hip area AND still have room to breath on the waist . That’s something that almost never happens for me. These are a definite must have for summer y’all. I know I’m gonna be wearing mine all summer long!

They come in a few shades and under $60. But do keep an eye out for sales which they have pretty often.  For reference, I am wearing the Annie fit in a size 26.

Xx, Lilly