Back To School With Healthy School Snacks

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Lifestyle blogger Lilly Beltran shares what heathy school snacks she's packing for her kids this year.

I can not believe summer break is over and we are officially back in school. The boys couldn’t be more excited to return to class and see all of their friends again. Me, I am too excited to finally have some alone time at home. I can finally work for hours at a time without interruptions or bursts of energy 😉 I can actually watch tv if I want, or even take a nap once in a while lol.

With school starting, so does lunch making. I’ve always tried my best to pack healthy lunches for Evan & Mase. Always making sure to include a variety of fruits, water or juice and good carbs. I do however, still allow them to have some yummy healthy school snacks here and there.

Back to school with healthy school snacks.

This year I am packing their lunch bags with popchips, they are definitely a healthier alternative to potato chips. Popchips are never friend and contain only real ingredients. Plus they are gluten-free and non-GMO. You guys know I am all about good-for-you snacks, and these for sure take the cake! See, feeding our children healthier foods isn’t that hard and we don’t have to compromise flavor either;)

The boys seem to love popchips so I stocked up on a few 6ct variety bags in the Sea Salt & BBQ flavors. Both flavors are so dang good! Evan & Mason love the BBQ but I prefer the Sea Salt. They are so airy and crispy and have just the right amount of salt. Plus they are perfect for having with hummus or dipping in a fresh homemade salsa! I’ve probably eaten though all the sea salt ones all by myself 😉

Why popchips are a great option to pack in your kids school lunches.

I will for sure be keeping these fully stocked at our home. Not only are they at the top of my list of great healthy school snacks, but popchips are also great to throw in the boys baseball or swim bags to take to their extracurricular activities.

Sending love and well wishes for a great new school year to all you moms reading this + your kids as well. May 2019-2020 be the best year yet 😉

Lifestyle blogger Lilly Beltran shares why she packs popchips in her Childrens school lunches.