Gift Ideas For Him

Shopping for the men in our life can be a little difficult. They never seem to want or need anything. So I sat down with Erick and Evan to browse the men departments and we found some pretty awesome gift ideas for him to make it easier for you to shop! We included items we consider basics. Items we believe every guy/man should own. Heck, want to make it even easier? Call your man right now, tell him to sit next to you and have him browse all these cool gift ideas with you. How much easier would it be if he chose something he actually like?! 😉


Dress Boots / Nike Sneakers / Fossil Smart Watch / Wallet / Headphones / Razor / Slippers / Papa Bear Slippers / Beanie / Flannel / Tie / Portable Speaker / Cologne / Ugg Slippers / Double Edge Safety Razor/ Sunglasses

• Erick loves his Fossil Smart Watch. He can read emails, texts, reply to texts, check the weather, count his steps and so much more! Every guy needs a big boy watch!

• A nice classic pair of sunglasses that he can wear with everything and for a long time is a great gift idea. Erick lives in his Ray-Ban Wayfarers and has had them for well over three years now.

• Ok every guy needs a nice pair of dress shoes/boots and another of nice sneakers.


See what I meant when I said “Men Basics?” Hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for your guy, dad, brother or friend!

Happy Holidays!