My Favorite Thing To Do When I’m Feeling Overwhelmed

Lilly Beltran Houston based fashion & lifestyle blogger in Vintage Levi's denim and striped linen shirt

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. It’s been nonstop for me. Between, blog projects, mom life, finding a house before the month of May ends & helping my parents with a few things, I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed. I usually do well under pressure but when I’m being pulled every with way my body and mind slowly start going two different directions. That’s when I lose what little balance I’ve been holding on to and my anxiety tries to creep up on me.

Things I do when I'm feeling overwhelmed | Lilly Beltran Houston based fashion & lifestyle blogger | Striped top & vintage denim

Thought the years I’ve learned to listen to my body and my mind. I know when I’ve had enough and a break is needed. I’ve also learned what helps ease my anxiety. One of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling overwhelmed is taking a step outside for some fresh air. Not just outside my door, but actually step out and head to a park. Preferably somewhere secluded from the noise and traffic and with lots of trees and grass. Not a lot of people know this about me but I LOVE connecting with the earth! The sight of the tree branches swaying side to side with the wind and against the blue sky gives me so much peace. The sound it makes soothes my mind like nothing else. I like to find a shady spot under a tree, lay there and do nothing more than feel the breeze and hear all the nature sounds.

Erick, the boys and I wound up at the park this weekend. After leaving Home Goods sometime around 2pm I suggested we head to the park instead of going home. We stopped for drinks and snacks and had the best time. Laid on the grass, skipped rocks at the lake, took a walk on the trail and even got to shoot  a bit while the boys played on the playground. We all came home super relaxed and refueled for the new week ahead.

These vintage Levi’s jeans are such a great find. They’re perfect for a casual day at the park but also for dressing up for a night out. I’m wearing the 512 mens fit in a size 27 and they fit like a glove. They sit perfectly on my waist, hug my hips and flatter the bum. There’s seriously nothing better than good quality denim, I think everyone should own at least one good pair. I found mine through Ilsa Collective. She curates vintage Levi’s Wranglers, Lees & Calvin Klein Denim.

My top is new from The Who What Wear Collection. I shared it on stories last week. It’s one of their newest releases and I got it in store but not sure when it will be available online. It’s such a light linen material perfect for spring & summer. Going to get a lot of wear out of this one for sure!

Top | Vintage Levi’s Denim c/o Similar | Similar Slides | Similar Bag |SmartWatch c/o

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