Tips & Tricks For Being Fashionable On A Budget

Lilly Beltran restyles a black slip dress and shares tips for being fashionable on a budget

It’s no secret that I am an outfit repeater. I definitely wear the same outfit more than once. But perhaps what I do most is rewear the same piece of clothing over and over again without it ever looking the same.

Being fabulous on a budget is not as hard as you think. In fact, I think you can be a lot more stylish by rewearing old pieces than by buying new pieces often. Real style comes from your imagination. And when you’re on a budget, you have no choice but to reimagine pieces in your closet in different ways.

I have been on a budget more than once in my 15 yeas of adulthood. Trust me I know how to look great without overspending. And you can too! All you have to do is follow these tips & tricks below.

Lilly Beltran wearing a casual 90's inspired look with a black slip dress and white sneakers.

Tips & tricks for being fashionable on a budget

Look For Sales- Now days stores have sales ALL THE TIME. Abercrombie tends to do 40% -50% off. Old Navy, Loft, Banana Republic amongst many do as well. Sign up for store emails to get discount codes too. Sales are great because you can buy a lot more clothes with a little money 😉

Stock Up On Basic & Timeless Pieces– Now don’t get me wrong. When I say basic I mean neutral colors and simple cuts. Pieces that you can easily wear with any outfit. Not $5 tees that’ll lose their shape after one wash. This black satin dress is a great example. I got it on Asos for $40 and have worn it probably seven different ways. The white t-shirt is from Abercrombie and I got it on sale for 50% off.

Style blogger Lilly Beltran wearing a black slip dress with a white t-shirt and white sneakers for a 90's inspired look.

There’s Cheap & Then There’s Cheaper

Cheap Clothes That Look Expensive Might Sound Like A Good Idea

Skip Cheap Clothes- Cheap clothes the look expensive might sound like a great idea. But keep in mind that there’s cheap, then there’s cheaper. Get the $40 dress instead of the $15 one. Chances are the ladder will fall apart after just a couple of wears. You’ll end up spending more in the long run. Remember girls, you get what you pay for.

Layer- Adding layers does wonders! It changes the look of a piece of clothing instantly. Layer a jacket over a black cami. Next time you wear the cami, layer a blazer instead. See how I layered a white t-shirt under my dress here? Well, I’ve also worn it on its own and with a moto jacket on top.

Accessorize– Adding a belt, hat, scarf or jewelry can make a huge difference. How chic would it be if I added a rhinestone belt over this satin dress. Throw on a blazer over it and slip on a sexy pair of pumps. I’m telling ya, being fashionable on a budget isn’t all that hard. Accessories can completely change your look.

I hope you found these tips & tricks helpful. Be sure to save this page in your bookmarks and come back to read it anytime you find yourself in a fashion-on-a-low-budget bind.

Lilly Beltran shares tips & tricks for being fashionable on a budget.

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