Fashion Inspired Desserts with Wink by Erica

Fashion Inspired Desserts for your next party


Happy Hump Day everyone!! I’m currently driving myself crazy trying to finish up some blog work, house work and starting the packing process for NYC tomorrow!! Seriously too excited! Say a little prayer for me so I won’t lose my head, haha. And also be sure you’re following along on Instagram, Snapchat (daily_craving) for everything NY tomorrow, Friday & Saturday! I will be snapping my little hear off;)

This is perhaps one of my most favorite collaborations to date. If you know me then you know fashion & pastries are pretty much what describes me. When Erica from Wink by Erica reached out with this fabulous idea about fashion inspired desserts I was like Uh-Yeah! I sent over three of my favorite looks for her to grab inspiration from and recreate these amazing desserts.
Fashion Inspired Desserts for your next party

Hanging By The Pool

This is by far my favorite, I love the tropical colors go this and the overall summer feel of it. Erica made orange, pink, teal & aqua macaroons inspired by the colors on my bathing suit. And since she went with the whole “hanging by the pool” theme, she infused them with a little kick, if you know wha I mean. Although I don’t drink, these were SO good!

• Teal – Piña Colada – fresh pineapple infused with Malibu coconut rum
• Aqua – Spiked Blueberry lemonade – fresh blueberry infused with Deep Eddy’s Lemon Vodka
• Pink – Strawberry Margarita – fresh strawberry infused with Patron, Lime, and Salt
• Orange – Mango Moscato – fresh mango infused with fruity moscato

Fashion Inspired DessertsClassic & Feminine

Ok a blue velvet naked cake y’all…need I say more?! For this one, inspired by the striped skirt pattern, Erica baked a blue velvet naked cake. She though the look was very classic and feminine and brought those elements in the overall dessert. The white roses add the feminine touch from ruffle top, while the canvas birchwood heart brings in the tan, natural touches from the bag and shoes.

If you ask me I think she totally nailed it. And don’t even get me started on how delicious this cake was. Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows that I can literally live of off cakes, cookies & pretty much any kind of pastry;)

Fashion Inspired DessertsFierce & Modern

I love that she called this look fierce, rawwwr! Since this is a bit of a more modern look, she went with sugar cookies and pyramid chocolates. I love the way she captured that simplicity yet fierceness of this look. Incorporated the right colors with the color blocked cookies and added the modern touch with the pyramids. She is truly a talent!

Be sure to check her out and consider her for your next party, get together, etc. She will not disappoint and I guarantee you’ll be begging for more of these delicious treats!

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you liked this post as much as I loved working on it!