Dressing The Bump With The Kooples + Second Trimester Update

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Edgy pregnancy style | How to dress the bump

Dressing the bump is something that I’ve looked forward to since the very beginning of this pregnancy. The bump didn’t make an appearance till week 18, roughly 9 weeks ago. Exactly 8 weeks ago this week, the COVID-19 Pandemic came to be and with that, quarantine. Needless to say, I haven’t had too many opportunities to dress up so the bump style moments have been very scarce.

With restrictions starting to ease up a bit, we decided to head out for a drive with the kids and make a quick stop at an empty business parking lot and snap a few pics of the bump. This is the most dressed up I’ve been in a long time and boy was I feeling myself 😉

Lilly Beltran from Daily Craving blog wearing a slip dress, graphic tee & black blazer | Pregnancy style

You guys have seen me wear this black slip dress one too many times. It’s non-maternity but still fits the bump so comfortably. This time I styled it with a cute graphic tee and structured blazer from The Kooples + my black converse sneakers for a casual look.

The Kooples is a French contemporary brand that carries styles for both men & women. Their pieces have a casual and edgy yet classy vibe to them. All super on trend but staple pieces all at the same time.

Dressing the bump can be daunting and even depressing at times. I think the key is to stick to things you would normally wear when not pregnant. Pieces that make you feel confident and yourself. Embrace that cute little bump and wear what makes you feel YOU!

My number one tip for dressing the bump

Now Let’s Talk Second Trimester…

As many of you can recall from my daily stories on Instagram, my first trimester was awful! Second trimester was very much welcomed with open arms and it did not disappoint. I didn’t start feeling better right at 14 weeks though.

It wasn’t till around 18 weeks that my energy levels came back. The constant nausea went away and I was finally able to enjoy eating and drinking water again. Praise be! With each passing day I started to feel myself again. My mood went back to pre-pregnancy bliss and the constant belching, heartburn and excessive saliva got so much better. The constant peeing has decreased and as of this week (week 27) I have no swelling and have only gained 14 lbs all together.

On the contrary, during the second trimester the lower back pain and stiffness began. You can’t have it all lol! It has been so bothersome at all times of the day. Thankfully Erick has been AMAZING with the daily massages. I have been having the worst trouble falling asleep at night. Restless legs all the time. I can’t ever go to sleep before 3am and often times I can see the sunrise before dozing off.

Edgy maternity style

All and all I feel pretty lucky to be experiencing a healthy pregnancy. So many women out there have had to deal with some pretty scary situations and complications. Yes, I’m exhausted but I am not in the “I’m over it” zone yet. Grateful for each passing day and for this healthy baby girl who is as active as they come.

Cannot believe we are entering the third trimester. I pray that this final stretch will be a positive one. I will continue to keep myself busy prepping for baby, dressing the bump in cute looks that make me feel confident and remaining positive as we wait for Millie’s arrival in just 12 short weeks, or less…;)

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Graphic Tee & Blazer c/o The Kooples | Similar Dress

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