Minimalist DIY Advent Calendar

Easy DIY Calendar

I’ve always loved advent calendars, I feel like it’s one of those things that adds to the magic of Christmas. As a kid I longed to have my very own but for whatever reason my mom never got us one. When I became a mom I decided that my kids for sure would have their advent calendar to open every holiday season.

Whether it’s DIY or store bought Ev & Mase absolutely love it. They definitely look forward to seeing what little surprise they get every morning. I will say this though, now that Ev is almost 13, it’s getting a bit tricky to pick out little treats that he’ll actually be excited about. Cute erasers and stickers aren’t that exciting for a teen despite my efforts to make them “cool”.

DIY Advent calendar for minimalists.

Since I can’t really control what treats are inside a store bought calendar, I decided to make my own this year. This way I can add a treat for both boys in each slot. Saves me the time & money I’d otherwise spend looking for a teen appropriate version.

Minimal DIY Advent Calendar

I of course went with a very minimal DIY Advent Calendar. It goes perfectly with the rest of my Christmas decor and it was super easy to put together.

Here’s what I bought to make this super easy and affordable DIY Advent Calendar:

• Mini Glassine Bags

• Mini Clothespins

• Gold Number Stickers

• Small Spool Of Twine

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I put two treats in each bag, put a number sticker on it (1-24 for each day of advent) and folded it over three times. I then secured twine the length of my floating shelves on each sheet itself and hung each baggie with a white mini clothespin.

Aside from little treats, I also added little notes in each bag. Some of them have bible verses relating to the advent and others offer holiday activity ideas that we can do as a family. A perfect way to encourage family time during such a busy time. All I did was type these up and print them.

Minimalist advent calendar idea under $20
Easy and affordable Advent Calendar Idea

Glassine Bags | Number Stickers | Mini Clothesline Pins |Twine Spool

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