Why I Didn’t Ask For Christmas Gifts This Year

Why I didn't ask for Christmas gifts this year

Odd I know, part of me can’t even believe I’m writing this post. ME, Lilly, DIDN’T ASK FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS THIS YEAR?! What?? That is exactly what my siblings, parents & closest friends are probably thinking. I don’t think hubby even believes it himself hahaha.

A few days ago my older brother and I sat in my living room planning for Christmas eve, we started having a conversation about what we want it to be like for our kids and what we DON’T want it to be for them. We both agreed that we don’t want them to fall into that lie of Christmas being about gifts, because it really  isn’t. And although society may say otherwise, Christmas is about family, about spending time with each other, loving on each other and celebrating Jesus together.

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That conversation got me thinking, and I realized how much I already have. I have more shoes, clothes, jewelry and bags than I can even fit in this house. It’s full y’all! But what isn’t 100% full is my heart.

My heart can’t be full when one of my siblings is hurting, when the other is struggling as a single parent & when I’ve got anger or resentment in my heart that I just can’t seem to let go of. So this year, what I need more than anything in this materialistic world, is time with my family.

Time to celebrate the season with them, to remind my kids why we celebrate. To love on mom and dad and remind them how amazing loved and appreciated the both are. To remind my sister how proud I am of her, to speak in ridiculous Mexican slang with my little brother to lift his spirits (cause that’s our thing). To hug all my nieces and nephews till they think I’m the most annoying aunt on earth & to have endless debates with my older brother about why iPhone is better than Samsung lol! And to be held by my husband while we sit by the fire and be reminded of how incredibly lucky and blessed I already am.

There is no gift big enough to replace any of the mentioned above, unless of course, hubby makes up his mind and builds our dream house already! Hahaha love you babe!


Speaking of blessings, how cute is this St. Benedict Tassel Necklace from Elizabeth Irvine? The Latin word “benedictus” actually translates to “blessed” in English. It is made from Rudraksha beads, the bead is a seed that comes from the Rudraksha Tree found in India. As if that wasn’t cool enough, a percentage of proceeds from the sales of their products funds the TRUEWELLBEING Education Foundation. You can learn more and shop all their beautiful piece at www.elizabethirvine.com. They’d make great Christmas gifts!


However it is you celebrate the holidays, be reminded of the reason for the season. Hug those you love, forgive those who have hurt you & make it count, because tomorrow it’ll be just a memory.

Happy Holidays!

Xo, Lilly♥

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