Curly Hair Journey Update

It has been 18 days since I last flat ironed my hair! That’s not the longest I’ve gone (I made it to three whole months last year) but I’m dang proud of it. You know, they do call it a “curly hair journey” for a reason. It is quite the journey guys!

I want to start a monthly recap of my curly hair journey progress. A few of you have been asking for product info or how I’m making it look a certain way. So I think this will be a fun way to answer all of your curly hair questions as well as document before and after photos each month to have something to look back at.

Beauty blogger Lilly Beltran shares an update on her curly hair journey.

It’s been little over two weeks and already I have seen some progress. For the most part, my curl memory is slowly but surely coming back. The entire left side of my head curls up so beautifully. I dare to say that it is probably 50% of the way back to my natural curl. The right side though is what’s challenging me the most.

It has almost zero curl memory and looks completely different from the left side of my head. The day I shot these pictures was the first day it actually curled just a tad bit. Patience is key, I suppose 😉 My bangs are also starting to curl a little more but still look semi straight on the ends. I am so looking forward for my first trim in March to chop those straight ends off!

Short curly hair styles for any girl starting a curly hair journey.

So what products am I using and how do I like them?

I shared two products on instagram stories two weeks ago when I started this curly hair journey and I am still using the same. It is the John Freida Frizz Ease Dream Curls and the Shea Moistrue Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse.

The Shea Moisture Curl Mouse has been working pretty well. It adds bounce, doesn’t make your hair hard or sticky and does not leave any flaky residue. Plus it smells so good you guys! It’s the coconut in it! I use it on semi wet hair after I’ve removed all the excess water with a cotton t-shirt. The only thing I feel this mousse doesn’t really do is add shine. I’ve had to add the John Freda Dream Curls Spray for added shine.

The John Frieda Dream Curls Spray is not great on its own, which is why I’ve been combining it with the mousse. Other than adding shine to my curls, I don’t think it does anything else. It also says it’s alcohol free but the scent tells me otherwise. Not a fan of the sent at all.

Casual and chic winter outfit idea. Black skinny Jeans, Grey Sweater, black ankle boots and striped scar.

How Am I Getting The Extra Volume And Bounce?

I’ve learned that diffusing right after adding product doesn’t give me any volume or bounce. Instead it makes my curls freezy and flat. What I’ve been doing instead is air dry first then diffuse. In this exact order…

  • Remove excess water with a cotton t-shirt right after I get out the shower.
  • Apply Shea Moisture Mousse – I do about 4-5 pumps.
  • Spray John Frieda Dream Curls spray all over.
  • Squeeze out any excess water and product out with a t-shirt again.
  • Let air dry till hair becomes just a little moist.
  • Once hair is just most, I will diffuse – I diffuse on the hottest setting. First on the from and sides, then flip my head downwards adiffuse the entire back.

Once I’m done diffusing hair is nice and dry and has a ton of volume and curls look great! then just play around with the placement and add just a bit more mousse to stray curls.

Short curly haircut ideas

Here’s to month one and many more to come! Cannot wait to see what my hair looks like in 6 moths after a couple of trims!

Thanks for stopping by and following me on this curly hair journey!

Xx, Lilly