Mom Talk Friday: Cleaning up After your Children; Yay or nay?

So this week on IG stories I asked you guys a question “do you clean up after your children?” 51% 0f you said heck no and 49% said yes. You already know I most definitely DO NOT clean up after my boys. And I got called out on it by a close friend, which is what started this entire mom talk.

Cleaning up after your children, yay or nay? Lilly Beltran shares her thoughts + wears a white eyelet dress with a floral headband for a vacation ready summer look

So said friend said I was “mean” for expecting my kids to come from a long day at school to clean a mess that I could’ve easily cleaned myself in two minutes. Wait what?! I was seriously floored by her comment and kinda sorta started questioning my parenting skills for a moment there. Sure I could’ve easily cleared up the mess in no time, but that’s not the point here. The point is that children need and should be taught at an early age to be responsibly for their own doing, whether good or bad. And cleaning up after our children sure isn’t gonna do that. In this case, leaving all of their clothes and shoes in the car after swim practice is pretty wrong to me.

Not that I will condemn them for forgettig their stuff in the car, and I certainly will not yell at them or shame them about it But they are expected to take care of it! Am I right or am I right, ladies?

White summer dress & black strappy sandals.

Here’s what you guys had to say…

I wanted to share some of y’all’s replies because so many were on point with what I was trying to say. Plus, it’s a way of broadening our understanding and beliefs about parenting. You don’t have to agree with the way someone else parents, but you can definitely respect it and take at least a little bit from it.

At the end of the day we are all trying to raise productive self-sufficient members of society regardless of how we do it.

If you weren’t part of the conversation, tell me in the comments section below, are you team cleaning up after your children or not and why?

Lilly Beltran opens the discussion on cleaning up after your children and why she thinks it should never be done.
Lilly Beltran wearing a maxi white eyelet dress with black sandals and a J.Crew headband. Plus she shares her thoughts on cleaning up after your children.

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