How We Plan On Celebrating Easter During Quarantine

How we are celebrating Easter during quarantine and practicing social distancing.

Needless to say, the current world pandemic has definitely changed the way we go about our normal lives. This of course includes how we will celebrate one of our most beloved holidays here at Casa Beltran, Easter!

While we will not be able to head out to Sunday Easter service (which we look forward to ever year) or get together at grandam & grandpas house for a BBQ an Easter egg hunt, we will without a doubt be making the most of it while still practicing social distancing.

How We’re Celebrating Easter During Quarantine

Streaming Easter Service Online – Our church has done an incredible job at live streaming service every Sunday. Easter will be no exception and we are SO excited for it! If you’re looking for an Easter I’ve stream, join us at on Sunday.

Easter egg Hunt In Our Back Yard – The boys weren’t interested in Easter baskets this year and asked only for yummy food & an egg hunt. I ordered all of their favorite easter candy with Target Curbside Pickup and will use leftover plastic eggs from last year. We’ve got over 100 eggs so it should be fun;)

Eating all the food – Again, the boys requested hot dogs, chips, lemonade and my easter candy popcorn which I’ve shared on here before. Gonna probably add some fresh fruit and a healthy pasta side loaded with veggies. Mama needs something a little healthier than hot dogs and chips lol.

Water Balloon Fight – This will obviously be an activity for just Erick & the boys. Mama and baby girl will sit this one out and enjoy the water ballon fight from the sidelines. Side not, we also got balloons from target with curbside pickup.

We’ll probably end the evening off with a family walk around the block. Celebrating Easter during quarantine may not be what any of us are used to doing. I say that as long as we are all healthy and together it’ll be the best day ever 😉

I hope this inspired you to also make the best of it and have a great Easter with your family while practicing social distancing. Please let’s all remember how important it is to stay home during this quarantine.

Happy Easter! He is RISEN!!

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