Monday Night Chat: Bedroom Television, Yay Or Nay?

Monday Night Chat: Bedroom Television, Yay Or Nay?

Ok guys, let’s chat! Bedroom television, yay or nay? I know there’s lots of mixed opinions about this topic, so here’s mine. I want to hear yours in the comment section below!

For the most part I feel like there shouldn’t be a bedroom television in anyones house, in fact it’s been about two and a half years since Erick & I decided to get rid of the television in our bedroom. It was a difficult decision for sure because we LOVED watching movies in bed.  And I was also so used to falling asleep with the tv on to the point that I would struggle to fall asleep if it was off. So bad, I know!

I vividly remember watching Oprah talking about all the negatives that came from having a television in the bedroom. So much of it made sense. The lack of energy in the morning, the bad quality of my sleep, the bad moods and so much more. This is when I decided that our bedroom television had to be taken out! I suddenly had so may reasons why having a tv in our place of rest was the worst idea. Here’s four of my reasons, I promise they’re all legit! If not, ask Oprah 😉


Setting an example for our children:

A few years before getting rid of the tv in our bedroom, we got rid of the tv in the boys’ room as well. Evan was starting school that year and we decided that having him fall asleep to the tv would likely make it harder for him to wake up in the morning for school, and that was something I for sure did not want to deal with! Haha, ya feel me, moms? After all, children with televisions in their bedroom tend to score lower on tests at school and tend to have sleeping problems.  The boys were both very little at the time but quickly noticed that mommy & Dady still had a tv in their room and started asking how that was fair. We decided that we had to lead by example, as every parent should.

Better Sleep:

Before removing the tv from our bedroom, I was falling asleep at 1 am the earliest. That’s bad y’all! I would tell myself that I’d watch just the 10pm news, then before I knew it I was completely invested in a movie or Mexican Telenovela. Tsk tsk. Plus what’s worst is I was disrupting my husband sleep as well. Completely ignoring the fact that he had to be at work bright and early in the morning. Soon after getting rid of the T.V. I found myself having THE BEST sleep ever! I’d fall asleep by 11pm daily and woke up bright and early well rested with tons of energy and in such a great mood. I secretly think that’s when I started to become a better mother to my kids (that’s a whole other blog post thought).

More & Better Sex:

Hey, y’all know I had to go there! There is nothing worse than neglecting your spouse or significant others’ sexual needs because you’re too busy watching tv. I read somewhere that couples who have a tv in their bedroom have sex half as often than those who don’t. Yikes! Without a tv in the bedroom there is more uninterrupted time for intimacy with your spouse;)

All Rooms Serve A Purpose

Every room in the house serves a purpose. The kitchen is for cooking, the office is for working, the family room is for…well…family time. Same goes for the bedroom, it’s purpose is to REST. Our bedroom is our oasis, the place we go into for rest, relaxation and to unwind from a hard days work. We treat it as such with fluffy pillows, comforter and throws, diffusing essential oils (we love Lavender) and catching up on our reading together. We’re currently reading the “Song of Songs” study books by She Reads/ He Reads Truth & His Needs Her Needs by Willard F. Harley Jr. Both so good to read with your spouse!

A Bedroom Television Is The Other Man/Woman

This might sound silly but it is so true. Just like our addiction with smartphones, addiction to television screen time is very real. So often were so obsessed with catching our daily shows or sports on tv that we forget that there’s someone laying right next to us whom we can talk to and connect with. This is usually when marital issues arise and the crazy thing is that it can all easily be avoided by REMOVING THE TV FROM OUR BEDROOM!

So tell me what you think. Did you find my reasons to be legit, did I change your mind? If not, its ok. I’m not trying to convince you to get rid of the tv in you or your child’s bedroom. What I am telling you is that your life would be much better without it;) I also want to hear your reasons why its a good idea to have a bedroom television. Let’s start a discussion, let me know in comment section below.

Xx, Lilly

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