A Beltran Christmas 2016

Holiday Christmas Pictures Ideas

This year we took our holiday pictures with one of our favorite Houston photographers, Lia from Lia Rose Photography and I absolutely LOVE how they all turned out.


Images:Lia Rose Photography

For Christmas we usually split our time between both families. We’ll spend Christmas Eve with my parents and siblings & Christmas Day with his. It’s something we’ve done from the beginning and we love it, but we are also ready to start creating our own traditions and memories with our boys.

Evan is such an adventurous little dude, he craves travel and new adventures and would love to drive out “somewhere new” for Christmas, Mason on the other hand will gladly spend his Christmas anywhere as long as theres 1). Cookies 2). His bff cousin & partner in crime, Christian, and 3). Mom & dad of course!

If it were up to Erick, I’m sure he’d gladly stay home and go nowhere at all haha! Not that my guy is boring or anything, but with work and school for the past three years, he really enjoys as much downtime as possible. Hey, I don’t balm him.

Me on the other hand am so much like Evan. I get bored very easily and hate routine. Heck if time and money were no object, Ev & I would’ve probably traveled through half the world already lol.

Whatever it is we end up doing, as long as I’m with them, it will be great. Erick, Evan & Mase I love you guys beyond measure & I am SO SO  lucky to have you three 

Happy Holidays,

Lilly B