7 Stylish Looks, One Black Camisole

7 stylish looks ways to style a black camisole

Perfect under a blazer for fall & winter. More here & here

With a mini skirt for spring & summer. More of the looks here & here.

Under a sheer top. More here.

Under a jean jacket or kimono year round. More of these looks here & here.

A black cami is definitely a must-have staple in any woman’s closet. You want to make sure you invest in a good quality one too. I like them a little thicker for durability. A good quality cami is worth every penny because it will stand the test of time and will help you create countless stylish looks. Plus if cleverly styled, it will never look like the same top. It can be layered under or over tees, long sleeve or sheer tops. Perfect under a blazer in the fall and layered under a sheer top for spring and summer.

I paid around $80 for mine, but like I said, good quality is worth the splurge for sure. I’ve worn mine more times than I can actually count. I probably reach for it at least once a week, if not more. With that being said, it has probably been washed over one hundred times and still looks as good as it did the day I bough it;)

Linking to a few below all different price points.

Xx, Lilly