5 Tips To Make The Most Of Daylight Saving Time In Fall

Lilly Beltran wearing a black and white sweater and straight jeans with back leather slip-on sandals for a casual fall look.

Whether you like it or not (yes I’m talking to you my summer loving friends!) Fall has arrived! Although it may not feel like it for a lot of us one thing is for sure, the season is here and it’s here to stay.

Besides all the obvious things that come with fall, like pumpkin everything, sweaters, apple picking etc. Daylight Savings Time 2019 ends in the beginning on November. This means that we will no longer be saving that one extra hour of daylight. The sun will set an hour earlier than it did in the summer time. And let me tell you, if you thought there weren’t enough hours in the day over the summer, be ready for your even shorter days this fall.

As a full time blogger/mommy I know how important that one extra hour of daylight can be. But the fact that we are losing it shouldn’t cause any daylight savings time anxiety. Here’s five tips to help you make the best of your time this fall.

5 Tips to make the best of Daylight Saving Time

5 Tips To Help You With The Time Change This Fall

ONE: Get a good night sleep– Insomnia after daylight saving time is real. The good news is that you do get an extra hour of sleep in the fall & winter! Sure it may take a couple of days to adjust and get your body ready for bed a bit earlier but once you do, make it a point to go to bed at a decent time. Always aiming for at least 6-7 hours of full sleep. By getting a good night sleep you’ll have better energy in the morning to gear up for the day. And if you follow though, you may even realize that one less hour of daylight isn’t too bad after all.

TWO: Eat dinner an hour earlier– This could be a hard one for all my mamas that work outside the home. But if you can, try to have dinner a bit earlier. Eating dinner too late in the evening can interfere with a good night sleep and keep you up later than you want.

THREE: Wake up an hour earlier Since the sun will be rising one hour earlier, set your alarm clock for 6 o’clock instead of 7 o’clock. This will give you an extra hour of daylight in the morning rather than the evening.

FOUR: Squeeze in a morning workout- Since you will already be up an hour earlier (hopefully). Take at least 30 minutes out of that hour to squeeze in a workout. A morning workout can help your mood and keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Bonus: You’ll feel so good about making a healthy choice 😉

FIVE: Cozy up with you family- Enjoy the season! Cozy up on the couch with your children and hubby. Light up your favorite fall candle or defuse seasonal essential oils. Pop some popcorn and put on a movie. It’s little moments like these the create memories and might make you start loving daylight saving time.

Lilly Beltran shares five tips for Daylight Saving Time
Bernardo black leather fringe mules

And now for the outfit! You guys remember me sharing my Old Navy finds on Instagram last week? These Jeans and sweater are both part of those finds. A cute lightweight sweater and nice pair of jeans makes the perfect casual fall outfit. And for all of us who are still experiencing summer-like weather, it’s a great option to look the part for fall without braking a sweat.

Love these fringe slides from Bernardo. Such soft leather and great heel height. I really like them with jeans and a sweater but also super cute with skirts and dresses.

Lilly Beltran wearing Old Navy jeans and sweater for an affordable fall look.

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