5 Tips To Keep Your House Clean During Quarantine

One of the many challenges us moms are dealing with during this COVID-19 quarantine is keeping the house clean. Am I right?! I’ve read several posts on Instagram from moms who just cannot seem to keep up with the chores now that everyone is at home. Trust me I feel your pain, but also, I think Erick & I have developed a pretty good system over the years that’s prepared us as a family for a time like this.

5 tips to keep your house clean during quarantine | Daily Craving Lifestyle blog.

Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) has a job in our house. Cleaning the house has always been a family affair. And cleaning up after ourselves is basically mandatory! Of course, with two boys in the house, that rule is often broken (hello socks on the couch!!) but for the most part it works wonders for us.

Here are some of the things that have helped us develop said system. I can confidentially say that following these 5 tips has made our life so much easier. I hope it will help you as well 😉

Follow These 5 Tips To Keep Your House Clean During Quarantine

Clean up as you go – This is probably one of the best tips I can give you. Make it a habit to clean after yourself as you go through the day. For example, after every meal, be sure to put everything back where it belongs, load the dishwasher, wipe the stove, clean the counters and sweep the floors. It takes but 10 minutes.

Assign permanent chores to ALL family members – I think this one is where so many people go wrong. Don’t let ANYONE go without a chore they are responsible for. I know it’s a bit harder to assign a chore to little kids, but guys, how else will they learn? It’s up to you to make the process easier. – In our house for example, Mason is responsible for cleaning windows, doorknobs, doors and light switches throughout the house. Evan cleans the downstairs restroom, sweeps the stairs and entry + vacuums rugs and picks up living area. This is aside from their room of course. They also take turns to do the dishes throughout the week and ALWAYS fold and put away their own laundry. Erick and I divide the rest of the chores between the both of us.

Dedicate an entire morning or evening to get it done – This probably sounds like too much but it is so much better than having to clean every single day. You’ll never be done! Our cleaning day is Sunday and we typically finish just in time for a late lunch. Having lots of helping hands cuts the cleaning time in half 😉 We have a two story, 4 bed 3 bath + living and study home and can clean this baby up top to bottom in just a couple hours. Team work makes the dream work!

Designate a place for absolutely everything – Organization is key. Make sure there’s a place for books, board games, toys, etc. It makes it easier for kids to clean up. Especially little kids.

Be a rule enforcer – I feel like many parents see the role of rule enforcer as “the bad guy” role or “a tantrum trigger” for their kids. Well I am here to tell you neither one of those is true! And you’re only fooling yourself when you don’t enforce. Enforcing the rules doesn’t have to be a bad experience for neither you or your child. Kids don’t like it when we bark orders at them. Simple as that. Instead, nicely and patiently explain what the rules are and why they need to be followed. It’s all in how you say it. Kids live to please their parents, be acknowledged and get approval from you. Trust me, they want to follow the rules. And when they do, you’ll be so glad you enforced them.

How I am keeping my house clean during our COVID-19 quarantine | Daily Craving Blog

Hang in there guys, we’re all in this together. Stay safe, do your part and stay (in your clean) home!

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