5 Things I Learned About Becoming A Better Blogger

5 Things I Learned About Becoming A Better Blogger

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5 Things I Learned About Becoming A Better Blogger

A few years ago (5 to be exact) I decided that I wanted to start a blog. I wasn’t really sure what kind of blog this would be, all I knew was that I wanted to talk about my obsession with fashion, my love for putting outfits together and my dreams of someday attending NY Fashion week!  At the time, blogging wasn’t so big, in fact I think the only bloggers I knew were Sincerely Jules and Chiara Ferragni. I had no clue what I was doing (sometimes I still don’t know) and just went with it. Created my oh so basic Blogger powered site and called myself a fashion blogger. A year later I became pregnant with little M and completely forgot about blogging. Fast forward to 2013 when I decided that “okay this time I REALLY am going to commit” which I did but soon started feeling miserable all the time. I was upset that I had to use a point & shoot, that Mr.B  wasn’t quite sure how to photograph an ootd & that no matter how great I thought my outfits were, the readers just weren’t coming. So basically I went almost an entire year thinking I had the worst luck in the world , but the truth was that I just wasn’t committing, managing my time or even putting in the work.

I have now been blogging full time for about 7 months and have already learned so much along the way. Here’s 5 very basic but important things that  I’ve learned about becoming a better blogger…

10 things I learned from becoming a blogger1. BEING MYSELF – Having my own voice and style was very difficult for me in the beginning. I was never sure whether I was blogging about certain things because I really liked them or simply because all the other ‘cool’ bloggers were doing it. Soon I realized that there is about a thousand other girls out there doing the blogging thing and the worst thing that could happen was me imitating them. Because I mean, imitation never leads to self growth, am I right? Sure there will be infinite similarities between bloggers here and there, but trust me, your readers will soon catch on to your lack of originality.

5 Things I learned about becoming a better blogger2. LAUGHING IT OFF – Chances are not everyone will like what you have to say or how you style your blue jeans. I know that now, but I can’t even tell you how many times I felt discouraged in the past by reading comments from people who just didn’t agree with my style or with my choice of white walls (fyi I love white walls, have you noticed?) Did these comments really matter? Nope, not really, I have learned to just laugh it off. It’s okay if others think my white walls are boring or if my style is lame. I have learned to stand up for what I believe in. It can be a little scary not following the crowd but trust me all that matters is that you like it and that it represents YOU.

5 Things I learned about becoming a better blogger3. DOING MY HOMEWORK –  I knew I loved shopping and putting outfits together but I wasn’t always blogging about things people wanted to read. I soon realized that I had to do a little homework and get to know the industry I was working with. You don’t have to be a fashion major to know that fashion & trends change every season. Staying up to date by reading up on my issues of Vogue, InStyle, Glamour etc. helped me with creating relevant content without having to sacrifice my personal style.

Style Blogger4. HAVING FUN – I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “do more of what you love”  Like I mentioned above, I would sometimes catch myself blogging about things that I didn’t really love, which made blogging the total opposite of fun. Once I stopped trying to be like the cool girls and actually blogged about MY style, I started to enjoy it a whole lot more. I can honestly say that I have so much fun styling, shooting & sharing my looks with you all.

5 Things I learned about becoming a better blogger5. GIVING MYSELF A BREAK – This is actually something I am still learning. I’m such a busy bee, most of the time by choice. I just get so consumed in whatever it is I am doing and basically forget about the world around me. I have started to give myself a break. That one extra hour on Instagram will probably not make a significant difference anyway. Instead I try to spend more of my time with E & M ( E is not pictured)

Style BloggerDress (similar below) | Jacket | Chair | Rug | Decorative Pot 

Let me know what you guys thought about this post in the comments below.

Have a fabulous weekend!

XO, Lilly B.


  1. August 29, 2015 / 2:07 am

    Love this post Lilly! I honestly feel like I’m all over the place with my blog right now and really want to narrow it down to just 1-2 topics if possible.. or at least find a balance with the topics. Maybe mapping out a schedule would help. I love that you stay true to yourself and I LOVE your style. It’s simple, clean and chic 🙂 Now, if I could only get hubby to work on his photography skills…haha.

    • Lilly@DCarving
      August 29, 2015 / 4:34 pm

      Linh, Thank you so much! I felt like that for quite some time but setting a schedule for myself really helped. I decided to focus on blogging just about style first so that i wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed, the beauty posts just kinda happen sporadically whenever i partner up with a beauty brand.I hope you find your place and continue to have fun blogging about whatever topic it is you enjoy the most! – Be patient with the hubs, mine has gotten incredibly good! (It only took him TWO years) LOL


  2. August 29, 2015 / 4:01 am

    Love this post and love your honesty. I have been in the fashion industry for several years, but I’m new to the blogging world. Frankly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and had no idea how much of a time commitment it would be. I too found myself getting frustrated because I was spending so much time on it and didn’t know if anyone was even reading it. I had to remember why I started it in the first place (for a creative outlet), Since then, I have taken a lot of pressure off of myself and have been able to enjoy it so much more. One of my favorite parts of this whole process has been meeting fellow bloggers like yourself and learning and becoming inspired. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure many can relate!

  3. Lilly@DCarving
    August 29, 2015 / 4:39 pm

    Nat, you style is incredible! There has never been an outfit of yours that i didn’t like. And yes, it takes an unbelievable amount of time to keep a blog running successfully but like you said, i try to never forget that i started this as a creative outlet to share and have fun. And meeting all you amazing ladies have truly been the icing on the cake!

    Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words!


  4. Keila
    August 30, 2015 / 3:56 am

    Loved this post so much, Lilly! And I can relate to so much of it. Thanks for being open & honest! Xo! Keila

    • Lilly@DCarving
      August 30, 2015 / 5:25 am

      Keila, Thank you so much for stopping by! I am so glad you loved it and I am so glad to know that I wasn’t the only one feeling like this 😉