Mom Life Hacks: 4 simple steps you can take each day to look & feel your best

Lilly Beltran from Daily Craving blog wearing a casual outfit with Francesca's leggings, long cardigan and snake embossed loafers Happy Monday ladies! We officially wrapped up the boys’ baseball season this weekend. Mason’s team took the 1st place! Go Rivercats!!! And although Evan played his best game of the season, they lost their 1st game and were eliminated. We are a bit sad that the season is over but at the same time I am way too excited to have my evenings and weekends FREE again! At least for the next three months.

Moms, it’s no secret we live very busy fast paced lives. From dropping the kids off at school, house chores, laundry, cooking, appointments etc etc. It never stops and it seems like we’re never really caught up. I seriously don’t know how we do it, but boy do we get it done! Can we say #SuperMom!

“Want to know how to look & feel your best even on your worst days?”

I don’t know about you but there’s days when I am so overwhelmed and the last thing I want to worry about is what I am wearing or what my hair looks like. Can anyone relate? I bet you can! The thing is though, that in order for me to give my best to my family, I have to give the best to myself first. Makes sense? I have to love myself first.  Make sure I am ok not just physically but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


I am wearing: Cardigan, leggings, loafers, cami, bag, sunglasses4 steps to look & feel your best Henri Bendel croc embossed bag

 I make sure I am well in every aspect of my life by making myself a priority. Plain and simple. Ladies, if you are making everyone in your home a priority why not add yourself to the top of that list? You matter mama! And you deserve all the best. You deserve to spoil yourself not just once in awhile but daily. Here’s 4 simple steps you can take each day to look & feel your best.


“in order for me to give my best to my family, I have to give the best to myself first”


1. Self Care – Get your nails, lashes or hair done. I know these things can get pretty expensive so if you can’t do them all, pick just one. For me is my eyelashes. I get them done once a month and will not stop because one) they make me feel beautiful, put together and more confident. And two) because if I wasn’t spending $50 a month on my lashes I’d probably be spending it on something for one of the boys. remember what I said about making myself a priority…?

2. Invest in Cute Casual Wear – You don’t have to spend a fortune to look and feel your best. Try cute leggings instead of sweats. Replace your hoodie for a chic cardigan. And add a cute loafer for a more put together look. I love leggings and sweaters/cardigans from Francesca’s. They are always on trend, fit well and don’t break the bank.

3. Block 30 minutes every Monday for Fabulous Hair All Week – Wash, blow-dry and curls our hair on Monday mornings. Your style should last thru Friday. And trust me, waking up to perfect effortless messy waves is a total game changer for your mood. Cause who doesn’t want to wake up and have their hair look great!?

4. Eat a complete Breakfast – Y’all, I don’t play with my breakfast. I admit to sometimes being too busy for lunch and even dinner, but never for breakfast. This truly is the most important meal of the day. A full well balanced breakfast gives you the fuel you will need to tackle your day. Prepare something good, sit down and put your phone away. (this would be a great time for quiet time) Enjoy without rush. I promise this will make such an impact on the rest of your day.

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