3 Steps We’ve Taken To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

3 steps to a more sustainable lifestyle

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is something that’s been in my heart for the past 4-5 years. Right around the time when I started Daily Craving. So many times I wanted to make a change, but allowed too many people to talk me out of it.

This year I decided that I am way too passionate on the subject to not do anything about it. So Erick & I both decided to start making small changes in our home to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

For years now I have been very careful when choosing the foods we eat. But I was forgetting just how equally important it is to be aware of the impact our use of storage, cleaning products and utensils affects our environment. We may not be able to live a 100% sustainable life, but we do have the choice to make more thoughtful decisions to benefit our environment.

Why lifestyle blogger Lilly Beltran is witching to glass straws for a more sustainable lifestyle.

3 Steps to a more sustainable lifestyle

  • Replace plastic bags for reusable ones – Plastic bags, like all plastic, are sourced from crude oil, a non-renewable resource. Manufacturing them emits dangerous amounts of pollution into our air & the bag itself isn’t biodegradable. Scary. Fun fact: did you know it takes about 400 years for a bag to biodegrade? Crazy, right?! – We no longer accept plastic bags at the grocery store or any other store. We keep our Baggu Bags in the car for groceries. They are the absolute best. Carry so much, are durable and come in the cutest prints;). I’ve also kept canvas bags that I’ve gotten at blogging events and now use them for shopping as well 😉 NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS HERE!
  • Swap plastic straws for glass ones – Ok, we all know about the sea turtles, right? Just in America an estimated 500 million plastic straws are used in a day. Most of these end up in our oceans polluting our water and killing marine life. Not only is it killing marine life but the fish you are consuming as well as sea salt could very well have traces of plastic in it as it reaches your home. Yikes! – We are big straw users at our house. And have made the switch to glass straws. We ordered these here and love them. They area little wider, perfect for smoothies! Super durable (borosilicate glass) and easy to clean.
  • Swap plastic ziplock bags for reusable silicone ones – If you follow on stories you watched me talk bout this one. I was making 40 lunches x month. With kids being in school for 9ish months that’s a total of 360 lunches were school year. Using at least 2 bags per lunch. That’s over 700 plastic ziplock bags y’all!! – WE recently switched to Stasher silicone bags. I have fallen in love with these bags. Aside from being used in place of a ziplock bag for school lunches, they can also be used as food storage at home. The are over, microwave, freezer & dishwasher safe. Come in a variety of sizes and colors, are obviously reusable and are SAFE for the environment. Not only are we doing our part to help the environment but we are also saving money during the School year.
Why lifestyle blogger Lilly Beltran swapped plastic ziplock bags for Stasher Silicone Bags.

I feel so proud of Erick & myself for finally taking initiative to make a positive change in our household. The boys are 100% on board and love sharing their new found sustainability knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen.

These are just a few steps we’ve slowly taken. It’s a process, and I’ve gotta be patient because Erick done nearly died when he first saw the cost of switching to sustainable alternatives. Nonetheless we are at peace knowing that every sustainable product we are investing our money on and bringing into our home is well worth it for our familie’s well being and that of the environment as well;)

Lifestyle blogger Lilly Beltran shares 3 steps her and her family have taken to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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