2019 Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve created the ultimate one stop shop for everyone on your list this year! My 2019 Holiday Gift Guide is here and as requested, most items are under $100 but I did include higher end items for those of you that have a bigger budget. From small items that can serve as a sweet gift or stocking stuffer, to spa like gadgets and ultra chic knee high boots. I also kept in mind your requests for gift ideas for your sisters, cousins, co-workers, teachers, in-laws and bffs.

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Under $100

Over $100

Gifts For Mom

It can be so difficult to shop for  gifts for mom, but, I have come to the conclusion that mom deserves the best. Always. Use the holidays as a time to gift mom something nice, cozy and functional. Something she wouldn’t get herself because maybe it’s “too fancy”. A little something that’s going to  keep her warm during the winter. Think cashmere, wool or faux fur anything.  Make sure that something will be functional to her and her lifestyle. There’s nothing worst than gifting her something extra pricey that she won’t even find useful.

Gifts For Dad

I feel like dads never ask for or expect too much. He’s always at work and all he wants to do is be home and rest. Get him all the things he needs to stay comfortable and warm when he’s home. But also functional gifts that he can wear when he’s out and about. A scarf, wallet & sunglasses almost always do the trick. The best part about gifting dads, is that they are always so touched and grateful 😉

Gifts For Teen Boys

I sat with Evan (my 7th grader) and we rounded up the coolest gift ideas for teen boys + bigger kids right now. According to Evan, you will be winning this Christmas if you get your teen boy any of our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide items. Plus these are all under $100! Yasss! We trust you Ev…;)

Gifts for Him

Just like dads, our guys almost never have anything on their list. I’ve rounded up some pretty cool items that they probably didn’t even know they needed;) Again, most under $100 and a few splurge worthy items as well.

I hope you found exactly what you were looking for! Happy Holidays.

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