20 Holiday Dresses You’ll Love

Green sequin holiday dress from Topshop

Holiday dresses have always been so fun to me. Especially sequined ones. Every single year since I was maybe 14, I have made it a priority to get a cute dress to wear on Christmas Eve or NYE, even if we’re just staying home. Yes, I am totally the girl who dresses up to stay home😁

If you’ve been wondering what you should wear to your upcoming family holiday parties or a company Christmas party, I’ve got a few super cute & affordable options for you.

First, this slip style sequined dress is perfect for both company & family x-mas parties. It’s simple yet sexy without being too flashy. I love the all over sequin (front and back). It isn’t too heavy and it’s under $100. Let it do all the talking with minimal accessories like I did here, or add some statement earrings or cute headband. You can always layer a black turtleneck under for warmth.

Holiday dresses under $100
Edgy holiday look with green sequin dress and leather moto jacket
Style blogger Lilly Beltran wearing a Topshop sequin holiday dress.

Dress | Jacket | Pumps

20 Holiday Dresses You Can wear to A Company + Family Christmas Party

Every single dress down there can be worn to your many holiday parties. They’re not too short or too flashy so can work for both office parties and family gatherings. All will look great with a wool coat, trench, leather jacket or blazer layered on top for warmth. As well as with black tights. Plus, you there’s always a plus, some of these can be worn all year round and not just during the holidays. Giving more bang for your buck.

Also, I know that the holidays are when we spend the most. Between gifts, catering, travel, decorations etc, our bank account can’t start looking sad really fast. That is why I made it a point to find beautiful dresses under $100 for you.

Happy holidays & happy shopping!

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