10 bad habits you need to quit right now

It has been quite a while since I shared a style post on here. I was so excited to share this cute look from Scotch & Soda with you all. Scotch & Soda is new to Houston and I had the pleasure of working with them for an upcoming project.

Scotch & Soda is a Dutch fashion retail company. They carry women and men appeal as well as shoes and accessories. I cannot tell you how much I love their stuff. It is so different from all the sameness you see in every other fashion retail stores. The quality is superb and the fit is amazing.

Lilly Beltran styles Scotch & Soda gingham pants with a navy wrap top and black sandals for a trendy office wear look.

I absolutely love these gingham pants. You guys know my love for wide leg pants runs deep so when I saw these I knew they were a winner! So cute for the office, for a summer picnic with a cami or tee. And even great for the fall with a cozy sweater!

OK, let’s talk about bad habits for minute here. Lately I have been paying very close attention to what bad habits I need to work on and to other peoples bad habits that affect my overall peace. I came up with a short list of 10 but there is so many more I can come up with.

10 bad habits to quit now + how to style wide leg gingham pants

Here’s 10 bad habits you need to quit right now!

• Eating Junk Food – I feel like this is one of the most difficult bad habits for people to break. Number one reason is, we live in America! We live such fast paced lives that junk food has become our number one source of nutrition. Mostly because it is so accessible and well..fast. – I encourage you to take the time to choose the food you eat wisely. Educate yourself on what good nutrition means and how attainable it truly is. All you need is a little effort and a lot of self love 😉

Hanging out with Negative People – This one is SO important. As we all know, behaviors, whether good or bad, are contagious. You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life. Some people can be so negative that being around them becomes draining. I cannot tell you how much being around negative people affects my mood. The constant complaining and self pity is SO draining.

Apologizing for loving yourself – Ever take yourself on a guilt trip after buying something nice for yourself (moms, I’m talking to you), taking an extra 10 minutes in the sower or just wanting some time alone? STOP IT! That’s right. Stop apologizing for loving on yourself. You are SO worth it. You deserve it. And if you ask me, it is very important that you learn how to love yourself first before you try to love others or better yet, before you try and teach your children how to love themselves.

Apologizing for being yourself – Is it me or does everyone start their IG stories with “ugh I’m sorry…” Guys stop apologizing for being yourself. Its ok if you don’t wake up with sexy tousled waves, if you don’t do your makeup everyday, if your nails are chipped off etc. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Own it!

Spending money you don’t have – With social media and literally every other person now being an influencer, we’ve got product being tossed at us from every direction. So much so that we feel like if we don’t keep up with all the newest trends, we are missing out. I’ve got four words for you…You DON’T NEED IT. I know its easier said than done but try to be reasonable and conscious of the things you spend money you don’t have on just to keep up appearances. Imagine getting yourself in huge debt over things you never even needed.

Gossip – This is something I had to learn the hard way in my early 20’s. And something that I try my best not to be part of. Gossip leads to nothing good, can be hurtful and make you look bad. We all know that what Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally.

Lilly Beltran wearing wide leg gingham pants and navy wrap top for a chic office look + shares 10 bad habits you need to quit now.

Spending too much time on your phone – Aren’t we all guilty of this? For the past 6 months or so I have been so much better about putting my phone away and it has been great! Try setting limits for yourself the same way you (hopefully) set limits for your children. It fells so good to be fully present.

Complaining – Can we all just stop the complaining! Let me put it this way, your complaining isn’t going to solve anything. It’s annoying and nobody wants to hear it. Complaining about how tired you area every single day isn’t going to make you less tired. Instead, take action and fix those things that you constantly complain about.

Making excuses – Stop making excuses and take action! Making excuses is top on my list of bad habits to break. You don’t want to wake up one day and be 50 and realize you spend your entire life making excuses.

Coveting someone else’s life – I had to add this one because I feel like now days almost everyone has experienced it. Again, with social media being such a big part of everyones life, we get to see into other peoples “perfect lives” and wish we had what they have. Those perfect lives we see are just a highlight reel. Stop overlooking what you already have to obsess over what others have.

Lilly Beltran styles a Scotch & Soda wrap top with gingham pants and black naked sandals for a trendy office look.

Top & Pants c/o Scotch & Soda | Shoes | Similar Bag | Glasses

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