Style Diary:: Evan

Of course Mr. Handsome here couldn’t wait till the first day of school to wear his new clothes and shoes! He woke up this morning with only one thing on his mind…a photo shoot. But not just any photo shoot, but a shoot wearing his new school clothes. This year he was so fixated on getting plain-tees, skinny jeans, & Converse. Oh and he also ruled out any kind of cartoon characters in both his backpack & lunch bag. He’s in this stage I like to call pre-pre teenage syndrome, which I think is so cute and I don’t feel bothered by it at all because I know my sweet (almost) 8 year old is still in there. This new laid-back style of his is a major shift from his always preppy Bow Tie & tie kinda outfits, which is weird because he has no older siblings or male cousins to look up too, so he obviously has his own thing going on. 
Top: Old Navy (only $4) | Skinny Jeans: Crazy 8 | Shoes: Converse | 
Fedora & sunglasses: Old
Thank you so much for reading!
XoXo, Lilly B.

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  • Elva Pachicano
    August 7, 2014 at 1:17 am

    He's so handsome! Love the back to school outfit!