Favorite Fragrances

My top favorite fragrances

My top favorite fragrances

All of my favorite fragrances have become favorites because they take me back to a special moment in my life. Clinique Happy for example takes me back to high school summer nights where I had some of the best times with friends. The Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé fragrance is my newest addition. I first discovered this one while in New York for work with blogger bestie, Elly. Beside it smelling amazing, it reminds me of being in NYC for the 1st time and I love it!

Here’s a few other fragrances I simply cannot go without. What are your faves?

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs is so so good! A fruity-floral, elegant airy scent.

Vera Wang Princess, also a floral-fruity scent with vanilla undertones.

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana is an all floral scent. So ladylike and elegant without being too overpowering.

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