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  • how to wear spring florals this season

    Spring Florals

    When you think spring you think floral prints, am I right? Well, I’ve partnered up with Banana Republic this week to talk about two of my favorite spring picks and yep,…

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    What is

    By now you may have already noticed that link I always include on my Instagram posts, It looks a little something like this: Well in case you’ve always wondered…

  • cake face picture ideas

    Happy Birthday Mason

    You guys!! My little best friend is 5 years old today and I just can’t wrap my mind around how soon this happened! Now, I’m not one of those moms who…

  • how to celebrate "brolentines day" with your kids

    Brolentine’s Day

     Brolentine’s Day: The Perfect Pair Valentines’s Day is for sure one of my favorite celebrations. It’s the day when we go all out and make the ones we love feel extra…