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  • My top favorite fragrances

    Favorite Fragrances

    All of my favorite fragrances have become favorites because they take me back to a special moment in my life. Clinique Happy for example takes me back to high school summer…

  • A new approach on dental hygiene
    Beauty Lifestyle

    My Go-To For Dental Hygiene

    I’ve always been big about dental hygiene. I’ve probably been to the dentist more than the average person if you include the 18 months I had braces in my early 20’s.…

  • My Current Skincare Favorites: Oils & Serums

    Skincare Favorites: Oils & Serums

    I’ve got a drawer full of skin care products that I received from Saks 5th Avenue Houston a couple of months ago, and I am having a ball trying them all!…