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I don’t consider myself a product junkie & I certainly don’t go out and buy every new product that comes out just for the thrill of having it. It can get too expensive and frankly, not worth it. Whether it be makeup, hair or skin product, I do some serious online research before I decide to purchase it. I love to read reviews (good & bad), now don’t get me wrong, I never make a decision based solely on reviews. I of course look for what the product claims to do and what ingredients are being used. I am very familiar with my skin (as we all should) and know exactly what ingredients I need to stay away from. With that being said,  here are the few products that I cannot live without and that truly do the job for me. Now keep in mind, we all have different types of skin, so what works for me might not work for you..So a word of advice if I may…Do your research before splurging $50 on a product you’ll only use once.
I’ve always had issues with regular drug store deodorants. They darken the skin on my underarms, so I switched up to The Healthy Deodorant, an all natural, paraben free deodorant & the issue has completely disappeared. I don’t love the smell of this, but I can live with it.  
I’m not addicted to perfumes & I don’t use them everyday but when I do I love Vera Wang Princess & This Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. I got this one for my birthday in November and i can’t get enough. It’s the perfect fruity-floral subtle scent. So feminine & light. 
I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much I LOVE this face cream! I use it twice a day (morning & night) after washing my face. Perfect for dry & oily skin. It moisturizes, tightens and gives skin a beautiful glow. 
I discovered this mask last spring and haven’t stopped using it ever since. 
It does EXACTLY what it claims to do! Leaving my skin clear of blackheads, soft and brighter.
For dry hands during the winter months I love Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. It works like no other and truly saves my hands from the cold, dry air.
You can find all these products here:

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