A Day With Sugar and Cloth

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a DIY Workshop with Houston’s own, Ashley from Sugar And Cloth  & Brittni Mehlhoff from Paper & Stitch. Before I start talking about all the super cool projects we worked on, I want to talk about the studio. OH EM GEE! If you already follow Ashley on Instagram, then you have an idea of how beautiful this place is, (and if you don’t, what are waiting for?) but I promise you it’s a dream in person! 
  Cacti planters meticulously arranged in corners of the room are a beautiful sight to see. And btw, I was completely obsessed with this tiny chair the minute I laid eyes on it!  
The desserts were beautifully displayed, complete with custom #SugarAndClothEvents and @SugarAndCloth plates. How cool is that!
And if you’re wondering about those pies…Yes! They were heavenly! I must’ve had at least 3 cupcakes and a pie…woops!
Ok ok, lets get down to the nitty gritty. Like I mentioned before, I was there for a DIY workshop. Upon arrival (and after ooh’ing & ahh’ing) we each took a seat and found a sylabus & super cute tiny planter with a small succulent in it waiting for us. 
Now here comes the fun part…
Are you excited yet? 
Our first project was a DIY pendant light, which we literally built from scratch. Did all the wiring ourselves! This is probably the most complex project I’ve ever done, but also the coolest! 
We also put together our own marble clock, which was super easy. The marble slab was pre-drilled (thank you Ashley…or Jared!) so all we had to do was assemble! 
We had plenty of color choices for painting our tiny planters and coasters, but I kept it simple with subtle gold details. 
Ashley & Brittni had beautiful examples of  ways to add detail to the linens with fabric paint. I wish I would’ve taken a snap shot of them because mine really fell short. 
Please don’t judge me by the lack of creativity on these linens, haha!
Here’s a few snaps of the yummy lunch provided by Dish Society. And along with that, a peek at the beautiful studio kitchenette.  
(picture by @designforsoul)
It was truly such a fun afternoon of diy’s, yummy treats and lovely people.
Everyone was so sweet and Ashley even posed for a ‘shoefie’ with me
She loved my shoes & I loved hers, so duh, had to take a shoefie!! (that is what the cool kids call it right?)
Thank you to Ashley, Brittni, Cara & Jared for making us feel so welcomed… And for all the awesome goodies!
Be sure to check out Sugar And Cloth & Paper & Stitch for the best diy’s, recipes and home decor ideas.
As always, thank you all for stopping by!
XoXo, Lilly B.

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  • Brittni
    April 1, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    It was so good to meet you at the workshop. You rocked it on all of your projects!

    • Lilly@DCarving
      April 1, 2015 at 5:44 pm

      So good to meet you too Brittni! Thank you 🙂

  • Maisha Sharma
    April 4, 2015 at 10:30 am

    Such an awesome and fun event..
    Follow you, hope you follow back..